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Captains chosen for Commish's Cup at Casselview

No. 1 at Casselview.
No. 1 at Casselview.
Ron Patey

The 2014 Commish's Cup captains are in place for the Slammer Tour’s prestigious team event at Casselview Golf and Country Club on July 12.

No. 18 at Casselview.
Ron Patey

And here they are:

  • Team East - Brian Kebic (Lucky)
  • Team Quebec - Sharon Windsor (ToothFairy)
  • Team South - Lisa Muise (IronMaiden)
  • Team West - Dave McBain (KaDaver)
  • Team Central - Terry Benson (T-Bone)

“Anyone with questions about the Commish's Cup can ask me or their regional captain,” said Andy Rajhathy, vice president of Executive Golf, the organization that conducts the Slammer Tour.

“They will be contacting all players trying to qualify for their team later this month. We have a captain's dinner coming up during which we’ll discuss if any changes need to be made this year."

Players wishing to relay their thoughts through your captain can reach them by using the e-mail address.

Guest teams for the Commish’s Cup are being confirmed as well.

“Casselview will return as will Dragonfly,” said Rajhathy. “We're waiting on confirmation from Falcon Ridge and Team EG and there are a few other teams interested, too.”

For players new to the event, the qualifying process in their region is based on their postal code, which can be found by clicking

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