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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker gets retail price

Captain Toad wont cost you too many coins, as it sports a $39.99 price-tag
Captain Toad wont cost you too many coins, as it sports a $39.99 price-tag

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker received a potential price as retail chain Kmart has listed the game at $39.99 on their website.

The release of the game's price also tells us that it will be available for a boxed purchase. Some had speculated that the game would be relegated to the eShop, but with the game appearing on a store's website we now know that we will be able to actually the buy the game.

This price-tag also takes away a few more worries that fans had. Many weren't quite sure how they felt about a puzzle game like Captain Toad being a full priced, $59.99 game. But those concerns are now alleviated with the news of the game's relative cheapness.

The character of Captain Toad made his debut back in the 2007 release of Super Mario Galaxy, as the Captain of the Toad Brigade. He tries to aid Mario throughout the game but is often times hampered by his own cowardice.

Captain Toad finally became a bit more useful as he made his playable debut it Super Mario 3D World. In the game there were several mini-games where you could play as Captain Toad as he tries to traverse courses and collect green stars.

Treasure Tracker will play similarly to the aforementioned mini-games from 3D World. There will be many more collectables and levels however, as well as even a few boss fights.

What makes Captain Toad different than most Mario games is that he lacks the ability to jump, meaning you have to figure out a whole new way to defeat enemies. With just a headlamp and backpack in tow, it will take a ton of strategy to help the Captain through the game's many puzzles.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is set to release this holiday season and is exclusively available on the Nintendo Wii U.

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