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Captain Canuck!

No matter the problem, no matter the predicament, we can always count on
Captain Canuck to save the day!

Yes, the USA may have Captain America, the French may have beaucoup de fromage, and the Brits may have their bulldog, but we have Captain Canuck.

Captain Canuck has sworn a solemn oath to protect the true north strong and free (plus GST and other applicable taxes, surcharges and fees).

Captain Canuck is our go-to guy. He is as Canadian as bluenose dimes, maple syrup and tractor-driving prairie girls. He’s even more Canadian than hockey sticks, because we don’t make many of them here in the homeland of hockey. But that’s another story for another time.

Captain Canuck first slam-dunked his way into Canadian news stands in the mid seventies, and he has been with us, off and on, ever since.

According to our sources, the comic first came into being in the summer of 1975, thanks to the work of two Winnipeg guys; Ron Leishman and Richard Comely. Captain Canuck became the first successful Canadian comic book since the Second World War, when, because of paper shortages caused by the war effort, Canada quickly developed its own comic industry, as U.S. imprints were no longer available. When the war ended, so did the Canadian comic book boom.

But that was then, and the Captain has returned, bigger and better than ever.

The Captain is now so up to date that he even has his own home page. You can visit him at

In closing, we offer this quote from the big fellah, “I have sworn to protect this great nation and all the people who call it home.”

Need a hero? Call on Captain Canuck!

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