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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' post-credits scene: Explaining it all

Marvel has a great way of keeping its entire movie universe connected, and that is with compilation films ("The Avengers") and also extra scenes in each film. Well, as "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" hit theaters on Friday, April 4, 2014, there were indeed some post-credits scenes and you need to be well-versed to understand them or have someone do it for you as is the case here.

Did you understand the post-credits scenes for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"?

Let it be known that there will be SPOILERS for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" from this point on. If you don't want to know or haven't seen the film yet, then stop reading right now because you've been warned and spoilers are coming.

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This time around, there are two post-credits scenes, but one is actually a midway point. They do indeed hint at very big things to come in the Marvel Universe, and are eventually leading everyone into "The Avengers" Age of Ultron."

For those that have seen the film, you know how it ends.

Let's take the scenes and detail them, then explain them.

Mid-Credits Scene:

Evil villain Baron Von Strucker (played by Thomas Kretschmann) is in an underground lair as another man comes up and it goes like this:

Man: "It's over. Fury has released everything to the public."

BVS: "Everything he knows about."

Man: “Mr. Strucker, if they get word of our work here…if they find out that we serve Hydra…” Strucker interrupts, “Hydra, S.H.I.E.L.D., two sides of a coin that’s not of a currency.”

BVS (sees Loki's scepter): “What we have is worth more than any of them ever knew. We’ve only scratched the surface and already…"

"There are other facilities doing Hydra’s good work around the world. We’ll feed them to Captain America and his colorful friends.”

Man: “Keep them off our scent. What about the volunteers?”

BVS: “The dead will be buried so deep their ghosts won’t be able to find them.” The other man asks, “And the survivors?” Strucker smiles and responds, “The twins.”

This is when the camera shows a man and woman in separate glass cells. The man is sprinting around his cell as the womn is making objects float with her mind.

BVS: “Sooner or later, they will meet the twins. It’s not a world of spies anymore. It’s not even a world of heroes. This is the age of miracles, doctor. There’s nothing more horrifying than a miracle.”

Mid-Credits Scene Explained:

For those that don't know, Baron Von Strucker is one of Captain American's true enemies from the comic books and he is the leader of HYDRA. The "twins" are Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, or better known as Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, who will both be in "Avengers 2."

Post-Credits Scene:

At the Smithsonian, an exhibit for Captain America is displayed. All the uniforms of Captain and his friends are shown, and then a plaque is focused on and it has info about Buchanan Barnes (Bucky). The man reading the plaque is none other than the Winter Soldier.

Post-Credits Scene Explained:

Going off of things done and said earlier in the film, this simply proves to the Winter Soldier that he is exactly who Captain America told him he was.

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