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Captain America Tech

Captain America the Winter Solder is the last single super hero movie before Marvel comes out with another Avengers movie.

Captain America the Winter Soldier

Before it was the blue uniform it was black. It was made of the same micro-chainmail as Captain America’s modern uniform, but lacked the insulating materials that had been provided by SHIELD.

Adamantium Shield

• This silver-disk was made by Tony Stark. But after Tony gave it to him, he Tony and Steve came to odds and gave the shield back to Tony.

Vibranium Shield

• This is the one used in the movies but in the comics
This was the second shield used by Captain America, this time provided by T‘Challa. Like the shield built by Stark, it was the same shape as Cap’s classic shield; however the design on the front of this one was three concentric rings (black/red/white) surrounding a black center. This was the shield initially used by John Walker when he began his career as the USAgent. Click here to see history of shields.
Van / Sky-cycle:
• Can become a chameleon but only changing into yellow, red, white, and blue colors. A gift from T’Challa and made by Wakandan engineers. Captain America’s motorcycle (Sky-Cycle) which was built by the Avengers, can be stored in the back of the van ready for action. The engine of the motorcycle is silent and has a place for his shield for protection.
For all of Captain Americas gadgets see link : Captain America tech

Fun fact : how much does the shield weigh

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