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Captain America Reborn 4: he's back... sort of.


Captain America Reborn #4 CoverThis installment of the five six issue Captain America Reborn limited series continues the epic tale of Steve Rogers' return, him being the original Captain America, to the land of the living. Sure he was dead when they killed him back in issue 25 of his own series, but as it turns out he wasn't really dead. For those of you who haven't been following the plot, Captain America wasn't killed by the Red Skull... he was trapped in time!

Unhinged from the modern era while he was seemingly dead (though actually just frozen in a temporal sense), Cap's mind has since been rummaging around in his own past for quite a while. Forced to relive his previous tragedies over and over, Steve's mind is being slowly taxed beyond reason - so you can imagine his surprise when things suddenly change for the worse... a whole lot worse, in fact.

As it turns out, these whole shenanigans were wrought by the Red Skull not merely to kill Captain America, but to quite literally steal his very body. Thanks to help from no less than Doctor Doom himself, the Red Skull has apparently managed the ultimate victory against his foe, by transferring his mind into that of his hated enemy, clearly for the purposes of destroying America itself with it!

Though this Examiner actually prefers the 'new guy' that's taken Captain America's place, his old partner Bucky, it seems that the original is due to return to his high crime-fighting form very soon - well, as soon as he manages to get himself out of his current predicament. And that's possibly the most interesting thing about this series' potential so far, since most of the moves to date have been telegraphed ahead of time.

But then, that's just the nature of Ed Brubaker's plot (and a slew of interviews about it on the Internet over the last four years). The story itself does definitely stand on its own, even if it's been apparently extended to a sixth issue (those of you waiting for the trade paperback will have to wait a bit longer, or so it seems). But if you're interested how Captain America will return, this is the series for you!