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Captain America fights the tea parties

Captain America worries about those "angry white people" who are protesting.
Captain America worries about those "angry white people" who are protesting. (Click here for a larger view.)
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Captain America, the comic book superhero, is most widely known for his admirable fight against the Nazis in WWII. Yet today he faces a different form of evil: Patriotic Americans who happen to disagree with the leftward direction of Washington. In a recent story line, written by Ed Brubaker, Captain America is pitched against what is described as “a bunch of angry white people” that are adamantly “anti-government.” The group of protesters, who are obvious portrayals of “tea partiers”, are described as white supremacists and survivalists. The gist of the story is that a faux Captain America (the bad guy) is brainwashing people into marching against the government. The attempts to draw a correlation between these brainwashed mobs and the tea party activists, is not subtle.

The irony of captain “America” being pitched against people unfriendly to the idea of increased government and higher taxes will surely be lost on the leftists. After all, this country was founded on a handful of individuals irritated enough with governmental control and taxes to begin a full scale war for independence. But of course, the portrayal of the protesters is not exactly “fair.” Quite the opposite. Aside from the obvious attempts to maintain the illustration of modern conservative activists as racist angry white people, the story line itself seems to hinge on the author’s interpretation of the animosity toward Washington DC in today’s political climate. (Click here for pages 1, 2, and 3 of the comic.)

“I'd been planning this story for six months and suddenly there were all these tea parties everywhere. Since the tide has changed in government and the Democrats are in charge, the people who were in power for eight years are out in the wilderness, and they feel like they don't have a voice anymore.” So said the author, Ed Brubaker. Okay. . . Maybe slightly off the mark, but a reasonable interpretation of events nonetheless. But he continued in his explanation. “As I was planning this story, Obama won, and people start having tea parties and carrying signs that say "Obama is a Nazi" and it's like "Oh God!" So I'm dealing a little with the disgruntled part of America in this storyline.” Really? Because, I am fairly certain the disturbingly accurate term “socialist” was used on repeated occasions, but I also distinctly recall the Democrats comparing activists to segregationists. The concept of Tea Parties claiming “Obama = Hitler” on any widespread level is both repulsive and inaccurate; but the more obvious question is: “Where was Mr. Brubaker’s acute sociological prowess when the left continually blasted Bush for being ‘Hitler-esque'?”

Yet, by far the most laughable comment from the terribly biased Mr. Brubaker is when he continued to say that “It gets to both sides of it because I'm trying to be fair and balanced. [Laughs] I never set out to mock people...well, I do in life, but not in my work.” Balanced? Honest good natured Americans, who are exercising their birthright as free men to voice outrage over increased government control, are portrayed as a bunch of mind-numbed racist evil-doers; and Brubaker has the audacity to assert his rendition is fair and balanced? This goes to show that he is not intentionally insulting the honest Americans who took part in the tea parties; rather he truly believes these patriots are a legitimate threat to the “American” way of life, and are racist, bigoted, hicks. (Wow. I’m not sure what is worse.)

But the idiocy of Captain America fighting those in favor of small limited government is mind boggling in and of itself. It is akin to a Soviet superhero fighting communism, or a French super hero fighting cigarettes. But I digress.

All in all, the [hopefully] short lived story line will have little effect on American politics. Yet, this episode does illustrate the Left’s inability to understand that there is legitimate outrage over the recent direction of our country. When Super heroes from comic books begin to illustrate a complete lack of respect for critics of this government, it should be indicative of the Left’s disdain and contempt for those with whom they disagree. Captain America may be voting with Obama and the Democrats, but he may soon have to change his name if he continues trashing those who subscribe to the fundamental principles upon which this nation is built. Perhaps Captain America should go back to fighting Nazis, and leave honest Americans alone.

Perhaps he should change his title to Captain "AMERIKA” and trade his stars and stripes in for a hammer and sickle. (Have I gone too far?)

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  • Toons 5 years ago

    Nice article, Heard about this on Glenn Beck, had to see it to believe it...

    Sad really.. terribly... sad.

  • ChastisingBadFraming 5 years ago

    "After all, this country was founded on a handful of individuals irritated enough with governmental control and taxes to begin a full scale war for independence."

    I believe you forgot founded on "taxation without representation." Tsk, tsk on the bad frame.

  • Lorraine Yapps Cohen, Jewelry Examiner 5 years ago

    No, you haven't gone too far. Print media is in the tank for BO. Why shouldn't Captain Amerika, comic, also be?

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