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“Captain America” falls at box office

"The Other Woman" takes "Captain America" down at the box office.
"The Other Woman" takes "Captain America" down at the box office.

Captain America can’t hold on to the top spot as it falls down to the number two slot. Three new movies premiere this week including Paul Walker’s new movie.

Captain America falls for the first time in four weeks as The Other Woman is able to beat it out with an estimated $24.7 million. This bests Captain America’s estimated $16 million. The Other Woman is more of a fan favorite only getting 26% approval with reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

Heaven is for Real falls down some bringing in an estimated $13.8 million. It’s $51 million box office so far has far surpassed it’s $12 million budget and can only go up from here. Rio 2 falls just short for beating out Heaven is for Real with an estimated $13.6 million

The other two movies to premiere didn’t hit double digits. Brick Mansions took in an estimated $9.6 million and The Quiet Ones with an estimated $4 million.

The new Amazing Spider-man movie is set to premiere this week and will no doubt take the top spot for at least the next few weeks. But May has a lot of good movies set to come out, so it’s going to be a battle week to week to see who grabs the top spot.

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