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Captain America Casting Update!

Who will carry the flag?
Who will carry the flag?

The Office's John Krasinski has been crossed off the list of potential shield wielders. The Captain America hopeful was once considered the front runner. News of Krasinski being off the list comes on the heels of news that Chris Evans, the former Human Torch and Garret Hedlund of Tron Legacy, are currently up for the role. Certainly Evans and Hedlund look more super soldierly than Krasinski, but will it be enough to convince Marvel and Joe Johnston 10 days after the casting was supposed to be completed?

Furthermore, Marvel was planning on paying an unknown actor around $300,000 for portraying the 'Sentinel of Liberty' if Evans receives the part, his quote will likely be much higher. Marvel's reputation for hard bargaining may mean that Hedlund has it in the bag?