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'Captain America 2's' Chris Evans did have 'Fantastic Four' regrets

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According to Yahoo Movies on March 30, Chris Evans, known for his role as Steve Rogers in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", admits he had some regret in partaking in the "Fantastic Four" franchise. His role as the Human Torch wasn't necessarily a proud moment for him, but he definitely does not regret taking on his contract to do "Captain America 2". Although initially he was reluctant to take on another comic book movie role since playing Johnny Storm, he took a chance anyhow.

"Those Fantastic Four movies… how do you say this correctly? This is where interviews get tricky. If you're going to get locked up in a long-term contract, you've got to make sure the movies you're making are movies you'll be proud of. With a lot of movies I've made, I've had something to question." And the 'Fantastic Four' was a three-movie deal (though only two were ever made). 'Captain America' was a six-picture contract (counting three Avengers movies). And Robert Downey, Jr. had already set the tone with the 'Iron Man' movies, there already was a following. So those six movies were for real".

That being said it appears Evans evaluated the current state of Marvel Studios success and decided to sign on to the deal.

Upon reading the "Captain America: Winter Soldier" script, he felt as compared to other scripts he had read in the past that there instigated a positive feeling that hes' made the right decision.

"It was a good day when I read that script... Believe me, I've been part of the bad days where I read scripts and said, 'This isn't right!' I can't believe I almost said I wasn't going to do these. (Disney/Marvel producer) Kevin Feige knows how to make movies".

With the "Fantastic Four" reboot on the way, Evans had nothing but good things to say about the casting of the new group of characters, especially Michael B. Jordan, who will be taking on the mantle of Johnny Storm.

The "Fantastic Four" reboot, directed by Josh Trank, is scheduled to be released on June 19, 2015.