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Capricorn New Moon pushes us to make real resolutions for 2013

Capricorn New Moon shines from the inside out.

Entering into a new year we look toward fresh experiences and hopeful outcomes; we start to review a life we just came from, one filled with possible challenges and disappointments. We begin to take inventory, looking around at what we have around us: people, things, situations. We summarize and make discriminations based on the emotions that still linger and basically stop us in our tracks. Sitting heavy but not yet grounded, realizations arise and we decide to make changes and tell ourselves we will do better this year. Many of us will sit down and write out what we would like to see, maybe set goals or design promises we wish to keep. Some of us will not even know where to start or how to create viable sustainable change. Here we will examine the internal and external components of transformation needed to bring forth the expansion of our experience in the now.

When a New Moon dawns, we are essentially empty in our belly, absent of accomplishment but ripe with a desire to create change. During a New Moon we are to set our intentions on something that can be fully manifested by the next Full Moon. In January we have the New Moon void on January 11 and the first Full Moon of the year on January 26th. As we look at the moon cycles, keep in mind that we are actually affected by the change in energy three days before and three days after its shift in orbit.

The New Moon this month is in Capricorn, a stoic structural Earth sign which arrives as more than a serendipitous event to excel our organization toward a new year of success. The energy of Capricorn is decisive and looks to trim the fat where excess relationships, situations or even possessions are in question. There is a practical side to the Capricorn nature of life that will help keep us rooted and earthbound, not flighty or in possible fantasy mode.

Our objective during this New Moon is to set in motion our grand ideas and goals for 2013. We are to deepen our ability to concentrate on what is real and practical. With Capricorn in the midst, we can be sure to find success, structure and simplicity. Capricorn is ruled by the planet, Saturn. Saturn illuminates the heaviness that responsibility and routine can cause in our lives. Saturn is working to move us energetically to the next stage of development with our career, personal fulfillment and inter-personal relationships. Saturn is like a father’s love expressed; a deep wisdom cultivated by experiential knowledge that is shared to us by creating an example through coveted disciplinary action and service.

This month, use Saturn to help review the facts by recognizing the fiction we create by the incessant self-chatter and self-abuse. Take time to acknowledge where we have been sliding over the lines of good judgment and maybe allowing too much slack in upholding our dignity toward achieving and believing we can be a pillar of success – no matter what situation we have stepped into. Saturn demands that we show-up and be realistic, just do what is prudent.

So, how do we apply this planetary and astrological enhanced energy toward making our plan for 2013?

First suggestion is to breakdown our goals into three categories: personal, professional and relationships. From here we are to ask ourselves three questions and by answering them with full heart intentions we can then build a foundation to create new experiences and opportunities for expansion.

The three questions are:

  1. What triggers me to react to situations regarding my personal identity, professional position or in my intimate relationships?
  2. Who are the people or situations that bring me the most joy in my life today?
  3. How do my answers to questions one and two, mirror my internal environment?

Our lives are reflections of abundance and discrepancy. We are put in situations that irk us so that we can define a need in ourselves, not blame. By identifying the challenging situations we have encountered over the past year, we can zone in with a more critical but observant point of view and bring understanding to the displeasure. Were we open to learning in that situation or relationship, or did we stand firm with our ego and sense of righteousness?

Sometimes we feel pushed into our interior edges by something or someone to remind us that we still have work to do; we need to be shown the hidden agendas we keep or the piece of us that is still naïve, throwing temper tantrums, being cynical or finding fault with everyone else. As we move through the continuum of life, we start to see the patterning of lessons we create by not awakening to what is actually taking place. By reviewing our trigger points, we can start to put together our school work – life – and start making some correlations toward truths. Being exposed to our shadow self, we can learn to accept all parts of who we really are and begin with new fundamentals toward building relationships that are more satisfying and enriching our lives with power, not pain.

The second question addresses our place of joy and accesses our external environment. What do we do that truly makes us happy and who do we do it with? By examining this part of our lives, we can start to see some characteristics that we feel we may be lacking but wish to embody. This sensation is about admiration and adoration for a feeling that rushes over us and makes us feel whole. This is the entire reason for doing this exercise. We are to get intimately in touch with this miracle pleasure place we call happiness. Recognizing something from the outside that brings joy can be a way of recognizing or calling out a passion we could focus more on in this New Year.

Deepening our understanding of how we become happy can show us the way toward creating more happiness. For example, if one finds authentic joy in music or dance, then a career toward the arts will be something to consider or if not talented in that way perhaps looking at doing something behind the scenes with administrative or sales work. Dissecting our lives, by reviewing not just the challenges but the places we feel more truly alive, will give us a more solid place to start planning for more joy and success.

After finishing this discovery process, the time is to start creating a better more satisfying life plan. By using what you have identified as strengths, desires, challenges and weaknesses, we can shape a more truthful approach to our successes. Could this mean, leaving a relationship, career or giving up a long-time hobby? Yes, change is the catalyst to putting knowledge in motion and decisions in action. Knowing ourselves with a grander sense of acceptance will move us toward creating healthier and happier lives; gaining stability from the inside out ensures success on the outside.

During a New Moon we are forced to find light elsewhere. When we are out at night during this time of the moon cycle, we find it harder to see and look toward the night stars for light. We can look at our own sense of self in the same manner, as when we have lost sight of ourselves, we tend to go externally for pleasure and acceptance. There will come a time in all of our lives when we have that realization through dramatic experience or isolation that we can only be whole by being happy with ourselves, first. Enjoy this opportunity to bring more understanding into our daily lives and pin-pointing reasons for the situations we see reoccurring but with different faces or places. Make this year the best one yet by releasing worn out situations, relationships and belief systems. Use the decisiveness and discerning nature of Capricorn this New Moon to push us through to the other side of happiness and the discipline of Saturn to do it with no excuses.

Happy 2013! Love Exposed wishes much love and abundance to all our readers. Please feel free to comment here or send me your questions directly on our Facebook Fan Page:


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