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Capricorn Full Moon: Midsummer time for reflection

In Flight
Catherine Al-Meten

Full Moon in Capricorn reaches her fullness at 7:25 AM EDT/4:25 AM PDT on Saturday, July 12, 2014. A week leading up to the midpoint of summer when we look back and forward, and get our bearings for moving forward. What are you celebrating? What is awaiting completion or conclusion? What is waiting to be started or born? What feeds your soul, and what have you done to honor those needs? This Full Moon in Capricorn, helps us discern where we are and what we are receiving as blessings and signs in our lives right now. The past is always present, and the future is within the thoughts, intentions, and desires we hold. How are we honoring, shaping, nourishing, and caring for our soul call? This Full Moon time helps us see and feel more clearly, what our hearts are trying to us.

Where the week begins:
Sun is at 14/29' 9” Cancer
Moon 27/ 43’29" Libra
Mercury 25/ 26’57" Gemini
Venus 15/38’44" Gemini
Mars 20/41’17" Libra
Jupiter 27/50’10" Cancer
Saturn 16/48’23”r Scorpio
Uranus 16/24’42” Aries
Neptune 7/24’27”r Pisces
Pluto 12/14' 0”r Capricorn
TrueNode 24/50’ 8”r Libra
Chiron 17/38’27”r Pisces

The Capricorn Full Moon reachers her peak at 7:25 AM EDT/4:25 AM PDT, on Saturday, July 12, 2014.

Full Moon in Capricorn in opposition to the Sun in Cancer at 20/3 degrees. Affects those with aspects between 16-24 degrees in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). The Cardinal signs rule four areas of our life, so look to see what aspects of your life are being affected. They should be quite familiar to you as these are the sings where much has been going on for the last few years. due to the Uranus transit of Aries, the Pluto transit of Capricorn, Jupiter’s transit of Cancer, and Mars’ transit of Libra.

The Sun in Cancer shines light on the areas of our life where we are protective of our inner home (being at peace with ourselves), our home and family, and whatever it is that makes us feel at home with who we are and where we are. The Moon in Capricorn shines its light on our public reputation, our ideas and dreams of career and life purpose, and of how we and others hold us accountable for our behavior. The polarity between Cancer and Capricorn calls us to seek greater harmony between the two extremes of life.

One of the key influences of this Full Moon in Capricorn is its square to Mars in Libra. his placement of Mars in the third decan to Libra activates emotional responses, passions, and intense feelings and moods bringing things to a crisis point. Emotional energy that has been building up, reaches the point where it needs to be released. We seek protection and safety for ourselves and our families, and guard ourselves from getting pulled into emotional and violent encounters.

The Full Moon in Capricorn finds us in touch with our survival needs, and the needs we have to take care of our families and ourselves. We may find that we are working harder than ever, and putting a great deal of energy into fulfilling our goals and living out our dreams. It is vital that the dreams we are following and the purpose we are seeking is authentic for us, and not simply linked to some ancestral or karmic theme that runs through our families. To get off the Dharma Wheel or evolve in the process of individuation, we need to follow our hearts, listen to our soul calling, and blaze a path that is in alignment with who we really are, not what others expect us to be. We understand this calling by listening to what it is that speaks to our heart regardless of how much time or how many obstacles have been put in our path. If we want to evolve, we need to face our fears, and move toward living in greater congruence with Life and our connection to the Source, the Divine, and our special life purpose and path.

Living out our dreams, following our path, or discovering our calling comes in the ordinary. Dreams, visions, out of body projections or fantasies may inspire or help create a vision for your purpose; however, only stepping out into your Truth, in the daily act of living, working, caring, sharing, and walking in full awareness right where you are, can connect you to purpose, meaning, and creativity. Talking about art is not creating art. Writing about love, is not loving. Thinking about prayer or meditation, is neither praying nor meditating. Put yourself into your passions. Connect to the Breath of the Divine that unites and ties us and our past, into what needs to be healed, resolved, and nurtured now. Use your experiences, your gifts, your heritage, and your dreams to move into new spaces that allow you to feel the wholeness of your being. We do not leave anything behind, but we do need to use the lessons of the past to feed the needs of the present.

This Full Moon in Capricorn is lighting up the areas of your life where you have been transforming for the past few years as Pluto has been in transit in this area of your life. Pluto is now in retrograde motion, and that means it is bringing back issues yet to be resolved in you, from the past. With Pluto, the transformation is about you. We often tend to change our lives by changing exteriors—relationships, jobs, houses, places. What needs changing is within. Be courageous now, and face what is at the heart of what needs changing. One thing after another has been rooted out, turned over, brought up to the surface, as if a giant rototiller has been working its way through this area of your life, affecting all other areas and all your external relationships and perceptions. Nothing is as it was. Do you recall when you first realized the power of knowledge? Do you remember that time when you first understood that once you know something, you can never ‘not know it’ ? This is one of those times, and to assure that you are seeing clearly and acting with harmony as your goal, this will be made abundantly clear in light of this Full Moon in Capricorn. We feel a strong connection to those who we feel powerful ties. Some of those ties help us remember who we are; others remind us that we need to break dangerous, unhealthy, and abusive connections that do not serve us well.

The Full Moon in Capricorn also transits the North Node in Libra, so we may understand how a new door is opening for us, the door of perceptions that clears the path for our growth, our healing, and reveals a new way of living our lives that requires we stand in Truth. When we are dealing with intergenerational trauma, stress, abuse, and patterns of thinking and behavior, we have the opportunity, through our lives, choices, and the example we set, to break negative, dysfunctional, distorted, abusive, and destructive patterns. When we fail to see how the ties that bind us are part of a negative repetitive patterns, we tend to fall into the traps of the past. Our purpose here and now is to recognize what is healthy, loving, kind, and true for us, and to follow that path. We can only heal the future when we heal ourselves in this present time.

July is a month that may feel freer and less heavy than recent months. No inner planets are retrograde, and there will be no grand cross aspects this month. This midsummer time is when we have left the challenging and difficult aspects of the first part of the year behind us. We now can begin to see and understand what has happened, and what our hard work, effort, and struggles have led us to. We may feel more appreciative, and we may be much busier than we have been lately, as energy is flowing into our projects, movement is happening in many areas of life, and we are reaping the rewards of our hard work and efforts. During the period of the full moon, we may feel a deep inner confidence, having done some good work.

Venus in Gemini represents the energy that allows communication and ideas to flow creatively, freely, and with clarity and precision. Literature is favored during this time, and being that it’s summer, you may find yourself reading, writing, and exploring new areas of poetry, literature, or thought. Venus sextile Uranus in Aries from July 6-8, forms a yod with waxing Moon, and highlights some area of our live where we are ready to experiment, takes some risks, or explore more deeply. On July 7, Venus in Gemini forms a quincunx to Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Scorpio. Our desires and need to take risks may be tempered by our need to suppress our emotions somewhat. We may feel hesitant to risk rejection by expressing our affections or emotions more fully. From where does your fear arise? Are you locked into some kind of pattern, or trapped in some unhealed experience from the past? Just notice what is going on, and find healthy, safe ways of expressing your emotions and healing from what has wounded or hurt you. Also happening to affect our emotional and spiritual health is Venus’ square to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Pisces on July 7. This aspect may add to the feeling that we need to protect ourselves, and lick our wounds a bit more before we invest ourselves in relationships. Notice places where you feel vulnerable, and honor your protective instincts. This is a learning time.

On July 7/8 (9:23 PM PDT/12:23 AM EDT), the Sun in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries. Expect the unexpected. Just when we think we have to take some action, get things under control, or figure something out, something comes from out of the blue, or plans are upset, schedules changed, or things fall through. If you want to be in control, you might find your plans thwarted. When the sun squares Uranus, we could see how the change shines light on an old issue, or removes an obstacle, or presents a lesson that we can use. The surprise may come within, or it may affect the external world.

Later in the day, the Sun in Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio, and we feel more at peace. The Cancer Sun puts us in touch with what we need for our own protection, safety, nourishment, healing, and sense of feeling at home, and Saturn awakens us to our inner needs, resources, and passions, and brings us into complete harmony, where even the most mundane tasks become harmonious places of peace helping us feel grounded and centered.

Venus parallels the Sun on July 10-11, and that brings much greater harmony to us as we feel the energy of the Full Moon rising up within and around us. On July 12-13, in the light of the Full Moon in Capricorn, Venus trines Mars, softening and soothing us, and making us feel more romantically inclined, creative and self confident, and fertile.

On Thursday, at 3:01 AM PDT/6:01 AM EDT, volatile Mars in Libra forms a seisquiquadrate to Neptune in Pisces. Dreams may be nightmarish in nature. The aggressiveness of Mars muted somewhat in Libra, still riles us up and causes some disruption or distortion in how we are sensing, intuiting, and thinking about details, issues, or other areas of concern. We may feel a little confused, upset, or uncomfortable about our plans or our capacity to handle things. Note that Neptune in Pisces create some distorted ideas about what is needed, possible or preferable. Channel your energy into something more relaxing. Get up and take a walk, or do something to burn off energy, until you feel calmer and more centered. When we find ourselves affected by energy that is disturbing or disruptive, we can use our spiritual practices and personal habits to work out of the traps that stuck, volatile, or negative energy can cause. You are more powerful than a thought or feeling, and you have the capacity to deal with emotional upsets and negativity in ways that are healthy and strengthening.

This week, as the moon waxes to fullness, we are assessing, discerning, and considering our lives, the paths we have chosen, the decisions we have made, and the needs and desires that have yet to be fulfilled or clarified. We are focused on survival—survival of our soul’s call and life purpose. At this turning point time of the year, we ask ourselves the questions that determine our direction from here on. What feeds my soul? How is my life, as I have chosen it, feeding my soul, helping me fulfill my dreams? Am I open and receptive to the gifts that my life experiences, my relationships, my work, and my goals are offering me? Use the time, energy, resources, gifts, and support you have to be at peace with yourself, and to express gratitude for all you are and all you have been gifted with. Find yourself in that Divine connection with the Source, and be receptive to signs, directions, messages, and indicators that are meant to increase our sense of connection to the Divine One, and to all that is. Feel yourself at home in the Universe, right where you are, and honor your gifts, your family, your friends, and your place in the Divine Plan.

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