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Capitalizing on beer and weed

When the economy is down beer sales are up.  When folks are dealing with layoffs and house devaluation they turn to a natural remedy in Natural Ice.  Just as the sale of beer is on the increase during the downturn so is entrepreneurship.  One idea to put a little extra cash in your pocket is to start making your own beer.  Downtrodden people are buying cheap beer anyway and if you take your household beer to Boulder it’s an easy sell.  The good Boulder natives love themselves some offshoot no name brand beer.

If your beer begins to gain an acquired taste, you may be in a position to expand thus, creating jobs.  The multi-faceted musician Kid Rock is doing just that for his struggling native land of Michigan.  Drinks Americas and Kid Rock have established “The American Bad Ass Beer Company”.  According to a February 17th Associated Press article, “The Michigan Brewing Co. plans to invest $7 million in the new product line,” and “will add jobs”.  The Michigan Economic Growth Authority approved a nearly $723,000 tax credit over seven years for the brewer.  Incentives are evident for those willing to take a chance on a pretty sound investment.  Drinks Americas is accepting advanced orders now if you’re looking to capitalize on a musician’s name commonly associated with beer.  Distributors should call Charles Davidson at 203-762-7000.  And be on the lookout Detroit for Eminem’s new medical marijuana company called M&M!

Utilizing the consumption of beer is one idea to make some money in a struggling economy but what about the other side of the mind altering coin?  Opponents of general beer consumption are beginning to argue that drinking beer helps to promote the “Bubba Effect”.  The “Bubba Effect”, a concept given momentum by Glen Beck of Fox News, is more or less the rise of individual militias across the nation.  Translation - general NASCAR fans who have lost all confidence in their government and are taking matters into their own hands.  Alcohol adversaries are suggesting the legalization of marijuana as a way of generating cash flow as well as enlightening the mood of the nation.

Medical marijuana is legal in Colorado but is not as accepted as it is in California.  The Golden State is essentially operating in the red right now.  San Francisco’s Assemblyman Tom Ammiano is proposing the total legalization of marijuana to adults 21 and older accompanied by a hefty sales tax to offset the burden.  Federal government statistics put an annual illegal sale of pot in the state at $14 billion.  “I think here in California, we understand $14 billion is something that can’t be blown off.  The state deserves to have a piece of it,” said Ammiano.

Marijuana cannot be legalized for two reasons.  Number one, drug cartels are not going to simply give up their tax free cash crop without a fight.  Most would agree that plenty of violence already exists in and around the nation’s southern border.  Number two, human beings cannot be compensated for time.  A lot can happen to a person in two years and a lot can happen to a person in prison.  How do you tell the millions of people who have served time or simply lost work due to a marijuana possession that all is forgiven?

It’s time to forget about the legalization of marijuana.  It’s time for all proponents to jump through the ever growing loop hole and get a medical marijuana prescription.  Right here in Colorado right now one can obtain a medical marijuana prescription and can legally grow up to six plants for themselves.  One can then become a caregiver and can grow an additional six plants for every new “patient” they obtain.  New “patients” would consist of those folks perhaps living in apartments and not able to grow their own marijuana.  We are all familiar with the prescription drug commercials that start by saying, “Tell your doctor…”  Well, it’s that easy.  Marijuana treats many ailments from arthritis to depression.  So if you’re an entrepreneur looking for a sound investment, try starting a new legitimate medical marijuana pyramid scheme.


  • End the Prohibition 6 years ago

    Don't fear the economy, fear the cartels.

    The cartels murdered more than 5,500 people last year to protect their drug incomes, every year they increase their grow ops on our public land, and they increasingly send their men into our country to protect their supply routes and exact revenge.

    It's only a matter of time before they establish themselves here properly and then the security of all of us will suffer.

    Tell your legislators to act quickly! We must cut off their funding by legalizing the licensed production and sale of marijuana to adults.

    End the drug dealers in our schools, end the cartels, end the prohibition!!

  • Matticus 6 years ago

    Ending marijuana prohibition WOULD force the cartels out of the business.

    Why are they in the business in the first place?

    Right now in the marijuana business, a 400 dollar investment turns into 4-6,000 dollars in the matter of a few months. That is because of the illegal risks involved with the business.

    The new 50 dollar tax per ounce that would go with the legalization in california would drastically lower the profit incentive for the cartels and would remove them from the marijuana trade.

    Selling marijuana would no longer be a highly-profitable endeavor.

    An ounce of high-grade marijuana would cost approximately 60-80 dollars after the 50 dollar tax, compared to the 350-600 dollars an ounce that is being made on the black market.

  • Joshua Alt 6 years ago

    Marijuana users, and supporters of this bill need to stop calling marijuana a drug and start referring to it as an herb, because the more that people think of marijuana as a drug the less they are going to be willing to legalize it. People need to understand that many of the problems in the past involving marijuana was propaganda and were used to control US citizens. It is not going to be an easy fight for our freedom to use marijuana, but our freedom is worth fighting for.
    Note: Marijuana is not for everyone, but does that mean that those people should be allowed to control the people that want to use the herb for personal or medical purposes? One last thing, people that do not buy marijuana need to know how much money people in California are spending on an ounce of Kush or Medical marijuana, anywhere from $250-$350 dollars.

    TOBACCO ........................ 400,000
    ALCOHOL ........................ 100,000
    ALL LEGAL DRUGS .............20,000
    ALL ILLEGAL DRUGS ..........15,000
    CAFFEINE .........................2,000
    ASPIRIN ...........................500
    MARIJUANA ...................... 0
    Source: United States government...
    National Institute on Drug Abuse,
    Bureau of Mortality Statistics

    Whether it is legalized or not, marijuana users will not stop buying the product and that money will go to a real drug dealer.

  • Richard P Steeb 6 years ago

    Google henningfield+benowitz+chart

    and then

    Google tashkin+cancer

    To keep Cannabis illegal while tobacco and alcohol are dispensed freely is murderously stupid.

  • Henry Sage 6 years ago

    "How do you tell the millions of people who have served time or simply lost work due to a marijuana possession that all is forgiven?"

    Should we continue doing something wrong or fix it?
    Why should we continue to imprison people when it is ludicrous to do so in the first place?
    Cannabis is harmless and should be legalized.

  • David 6 years ago

    Many folks are looking to take advantage of the surge in both Kid Rock's popularity and the expected beer sales. They can invest in Kid's beer success with Drinks Americas who will probably single handedly put the company and the stock on the map. DKAM. Especially with 150 year old Bud defecting to Europe. Who is America's beer? Seems likely Kid is stepping up quickly to take their place in some way. In any way means big profits for the company, for Kid, and for shareholders. Plus, like any microbrew, it's cheap also as the entire stock market is on sale. Buy low, sell at enormous highs right?

  • biskethed 6 years ago

    yes we cant just let them go.....what would happen to the corporations that run prisons?

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