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Capitalizing Francis vs. Catholicizing Meyerson.

Michael Sean Winters writes in yesterdays Distinctly Catholic blog in the National Catholic Reporter about economic stories. You can read his comments at He includes Harold Meyerson's piece in today's WAPO on demystifying economic myth on shareholder value in capitalism - which you can see at This is in contrast to to work last week by the new Catholic University of American Business School Dean, Andrew Abela, in the National Catholic Register where he tries to spin the new papal encyclical, Evangelii Gaudium in a more business friendly way. You can read that piece at I agree with Harold, as does MSW, who suggests he be added to the CUA business faculty.

I am glad that CUA did not hire Meyerson, because idiots like Weigel would turn every argument with him into one on abortion rights. Of course, the answer to abortion is equality. The laws we currently have support Capitalism, not a free market. Indeed, they make it harder through protecting pensioneer value of course - yeah, right - for unions to take a more concentrated position in holding the shares for whom their members work. When the Koch's turn their coal companies to ESOPs, I will have more faith in their commitment to a person centered economy. If every person contracted individually, there would be no corporate power or large organizations. Of course, modern society needs such things - but that does mean that the shareholders can't be employees.

Modern capitalism has not been about shareholders - it has been about making CEO's and their flunkies rich, under the myth that they will be good stewards rather than thieves. Tax cuts under Reagan and Bush II reinforced the incentive to cut wages. High taxes at the top removed that incentive because any wage cut gains sent up to the top would just be given to Uncle Sam. Until we get back there, CEOs will keep every dime they can squeeze out of workers. This is the important thing for both Francis and Democrats to understand and explain, or things will only get worse.

As to the Olympic myths, they live on as what they are meant to be - human archtypes which are useful in understanding personality, primarily using Astrology. The Hindu pagan system exists for the same reason. It turns out that these symptoms in practice are a much better tool than more simplistic ones, like MBTI.

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