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Capital One salutes small businesses around the country

Small Businesses are the backbone of America
Small Businesses are the backbone of America
Photo courtesy of Capital One used with permission

Capital One Spark Business asked filmmakers Trisha Dalton and John Sears to go on a road trip across the United States to see firsthand, exactly what it is like to run a small business in America. For this web series; they stopped in twenty-three states, including the District of Columbia, and met with about 200 small-business owners to see precisely what it takes, warts and all, to run a small business. They traveled 7,300 miles, made lots of films and heard plenty of inspiring stories.

Trish Dalton and John Sears, both small-business owners themselves, truly love their work. Trish is a filmmaker who loves to travel, and John is a cinematographer and video editor who loves telling stories. For a list of all the stops they made, click here.

Check out the entire series that run consecutively here. You will be surprised at the diversity of businesses they visited; from the average mom and pop shop to some pretty innovative creations. Meet the people who just love what they do, and love to do it every day. There are stories of people who have been in business for a long time, those who rose after 9/11, and devastation from hurricanes. Many are pillars of their communities and give back as a way of life. Listen to Sharon Mahne, owner of Louisiana Sisters tell her story of how they transformed her father’s recipe for olives into a thriving business in New Orleans. Listen to Amanda’s story of the Salty Paw, and how her love of animals gave her the inspiration to operate a business in the South Street Seaport, in New York City and how devastation of the area, was an inspiration to pick up and start over.

You owe it to yourself to check out these short videos; they just may be the inspiration that you need to venture off on your own and start your small business.