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Cape Cod’s Hawk’s Wing Organic Farm and Orchard for fresh local food

Fresh local Cape Cod  food at Hawk's Wing Farm
Fresh local Cape Cod food at Hawk's Wing Farm
DM Smith

Cape Cod, long known for its locally harvested seafood, is rapidly becoming the place to go for all kinds of fresh, local food. Hawk’s Wing Farm in Yarmouthport is one of the places making that happen.

Hawk’s Wing Farm Stand is open every day to provide local food
It’s easy to be a locavore on Cape Cod if you stop at Hawk’s Wing Farm first. Everything here is local, regional or East Coast grown. The farm itself produces a variety of greens, squashes, tomatoes, beans, etc. and fruits, including 10 different types of apples and peaches from their orchards.

Eggs (some from Hawk’s Wing’s own chickens), beef, bacon and cheese are all locally sourced. As are maple syrup, honey, organic ice cream and jams. Farm manager, Bill Snowden, has also worked out cooperative agreements with other East Coast farms to take advantage of local differences in crops and growing seasons.

Make produce shopping fun at the Hawk’s Wing Organic Farm Stand
Visitors to Cape Cod are here to enjoy the beauty of the natural environment. Shopping for fresh local foods at Hawk’s Wing allows you to stay outdoors, choose your own fresh vegetables and fruit and chat with the farm staff, who are very knowledgeable and friendly. Well-behaved dogs on leash are welcome, there’s a petting zoo (one reason your dog needs to be leashed) and free coffee.

Sound like more fun than the supermarket? It is. Combine this with some fresh lobster from Salty Lou's and you've got a classic Cape Cod feast. Or pick up some local oysters and quahogs instead. Just be sure to recycle the shells.

Certified Naturally Grown and Community Supported Agriculture on Cape Cod
A lot of fuss is made about organic foods, but within the US, putting an organic label on farm products can be a very expensive and paperwork intensive process. By subscribing to Certified Naturally Grown principles Hawk’s Wing Farm is growing healthy, uncontaminated foods, ensuring organic quality.

As a Community Supported Agriculture farm, Hawk’s Wing allows everyone to benefit from weekly shares of fresh produce. Cape Cod year round and seasonal residents can take be part of the farm’s success and ensure their own portion of the crops for 20 weeks each year.

Finding Hawk’s Wing Farm on Cape Cod
The Hawk’s Wing web site provides excellent directions but be aware there are no huge signs to let you know you are headed in the right direction. Many places on the Cape have some pretty serious restrictions on signage to maintain the rural character of the area.

When you turn onto Hawk’s Wing Road you may think you’re in the wrong place as you enter a small housing complex. Not to worry. At the end of the cul-de-sac look for the Farm Open Welcome sign. The orchards, fields and greenhouses also let you know you’re in the right place.

Hawk’s Wing Organic Farm and Orchard
41 Hawk’s Wing Road Yarmouthport
Phone: 508-258-9701 Email:


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