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Cape Canaveral woman locks dog in car while she goes to beach

Witnesses say that Greco wasn't even aware of the danger of leaving her dog locked in her vehicle.
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On Monday, the Brevard County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call from a good Samaritan who witnessed Rosa Greco lock her small dog in her SUV with the windows up and head to the beach on Harrison Avenue in Cape Canaveral reported

When the witness Vincent Inherst watched, as the woman left her vehicle and walked to the beach, settled under a shady umbrella and proceeded to eat her lunch, he promptly called authorities in fear of the dog's safety.

The Brevard County Sheriff's deputies arrived within a few minutes and found Rosa Greco, 69 at the beach and had her unlock the vehicle. The dog was taken by Animal Control and is reported to be doing fine. He had been locked in the car for approximately ten minutes.

Greco was arrested and has been charged with animal cruelty. Witnesses say they think the woman just didn't realize the danger to her dog.

Thanks to Vincent Inherst, a little dog was rescued from what could have been an excruciating death.

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