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Capcom shows off the incredible visuals of 'Deep Down', promises updates in June

Deep Down devs release new photos, displaying gorgeous visuals
Deep Down devs release new photos, displaying gorgeous visuals
Deep Down devs release new photos, displaying gorgeous visuals (photo courtesy of Deep Down Twitter @deepdown_JP)

After some radio silence regarding the upcoming PS4 free-to-play dungeon crawler, Deep Down​, Capcom has revealed a few new photos via the game’s official Twitter account.

While the two screens don’t expose much in the way of plot device or foes to be encountered, they do show off the game’s impressive visual style, and overall commitment to ambience.

The first of the two shots showcases a third-person, over the shoulder shot of a fully armored knight descending a rock-strewn path to what appears to be a magma chamber deep down (get it?!) within a volcanic chamber.

The second shot displays a stark contrast stylistically to the first, displaying pillars of light penetrating the ceiling of a cave to illuminate the wet and possibly frigid interior. This shot appears to need some touch up, as some surfaces appear quite reflective or shiny, but will undoubtedly be smoothed out before release.

Thanks to translations via DualShockers a few details about the highly anticipated title were discovered, including the upcoming public beta,

Producer Sugiura here. Currently Deep Down is being developed intensively at GW moving towards the public beta test. PS4 users have waited a lot, but please wait a bit longer.

We’re publishing two new screenshots of the game in development. The public beta test is currently scheduled for the summer.

Our boss Ono-san says “summer is when you’re wearing short sleeves” and we like to do that in the office but…. We will report again on our progress in June!

While it might be hard to gather from the screenshots just released, as well as those discovered prior to this release, Deep Down is actually set in the future. As revealed in by GameInformer, players will be transported back in time by touching magical artifacts, weaving an intriguing narrative through time and space.

Of note from the Twitter snippets is the mention of an update on progress in June, with the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and it’s inevitable flood of reveals, news, and gameplay, it isn't unrealistic to think that we might learn more between June 9th and 12th.

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