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Capcom reveals mystery 5th character, try her out at Texas Showdown

So Capcom finally revealed the long awaited 5th new character to be added to their upcoming title, Ultra Street Fighter 4. That character turned out to be Decapre, one of M. Bison's Dolls. The Dolls are Bison's personal bodyguards, a group of 12 girls trained as Cammy once was when she was a part of Shadowloo. The 12 members of the Dolls have names representing the 12 months of the year. In Decapre's case, she represents December. She also bear a striking resemblance to Cammy, however she wears a black mask and fights with claws on her hands. In the reveal trailer it appeared that Decapre have similar moves to Cammy, but also some new moves unique to her.

Ultra SF4 images
Decapre arrives to Ultra Street Fighter 4

As reported last week, Capcom is bringing Ultra Street Fighter 4 to Texas Showdown in April. That means players coming down to Houston for the event will get to try out the newest character to be added to the Street Fighter legacy. Check out their website for registration information, and their Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for updates on anime and gaming events in Houston.