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Canvas Detroit rises through the sales ranks

Authors Julie Pincus and Nichole Christian show artist Greg Fadell (center) their book at Re:View Contemporary.
Authors Julie Pincus and Nichole Christian show artist Greg Fadell (center) their book at Re:View Contemporary.
Alonso del Arte

Their book is looking more and more like a bestseller. When the book release party for Canvas Detroit took place at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) back on May 7, the book had an Amazon sales rank of #391,522 in Books. Now, after a book signing event at Re:View Contemporary last night, May 31, the book has shot up to #141,767.

The success of the book has surprised the authors, Julie Pincus and Nichole Christian. "It's a cross-section of people who have embraced the book, artists, city leaders," said Christian, after signing a copy for Ann Arbor artist John Zeichman and another for fellow WSU Press author Bill Harris. "How can I compete with that!?" Pincus exclaimed upon seeing the lengthy paragraph Christian had handwritten for Harris.

In between the release party and last night's event, the authors have been touring the country. For example, Christian was in upstate New York a couple of weeks ago, at River House. "The curiosity about Detroit was really strong," Christian said. She has been asked many questions about the city, ranging from general questions like "What is next for Detroit?" to specific questions like "If Kevyn Orr asked you for advice on whether to sell the DIA or sell the water department, what would you say?" "It's sad we're in a place we have to choose," Christian answered. "They are both resources, water sustains us in a basic, pragmatic way, but art also feeds us."

Although the book can be purchased directly from WSU Press, Pincus recommends getting it from despite a little problem a couple of months ago which was quickly resolved. After that, "they discounted it right away," Pincus recalled, and it's currently available for $28.36, compared to the publisher's listed price of $34.99.

Re:View Contemporary, which hosted last night's event, is a gallery which has already exhibited the work of some of the artists mentioned in the book, such as Greg Fadell. Gallery owner Simone DeSousa has not ruled out the possibility of exhibiting the work of other artists mentioned in the book. The event was also the closing reception for an exhibit of furniture prototypes by Fernando and Humberto Campana.