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Cantor rival Mike Dickinson: Sarah Palin feels gays, blacks are problem in U.S.

virginia Democrat Mike Dickinson
virginia Democrat Mike Dickinson
Mike Dickinson via Daily Kos

Late Saturday, Mike Dickinson, the Virginia Democrat running for the House seat currently held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., issued a tweet claiming former Alaska governor Sarah Palin believes that gays and blacks "are the problem" with America and took a gratuitous swipe at Bristol Palin in the process.

"@SarahPalinUSA feels gays and blacks are the problem w America," he tweeted. "Maybe the real problem are people like her daughter who humps around."

He continued his attack against Palin, claiming the Palin household is "full of scumbags," while lashing out at those he called "bible thumpers."

"Palin thumped bibles while her daughter was humping around and got knocked up out of wedlock," he added.

"Vitter thumped bibles and got caught w a prostitute," he said in another tweet.

He also included the Tea Party and conservatives in his Twitter rant.

"It always happens w tea party and RW. They crusade morals and thump bibles at you then fail," he said.

Dickinson's rant prompted a number of negative responses as no one came to his defense.

"What is it with you and this term 'humps around' last I checked you were the one providing poles to single moms," one person said, referring to Dickinson's history with local area adult businesses. In a letter to the editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Dickinson claimed to be the CEO of Mid-Atlantic Showclubs. He later claimed he was only a consultant.

"And when did Sarah Palin ever blame gays and blacks for the ills of America? Find a single quote, please," added "John M."

Dickinson, however, did not cite a single source or quote to substantiate his claim.

In February, Dickinson was called the "next Alan Grayson" in an article posted at the left-wing Daily Kos, in part due to his outrageous comments on Twitter.

But that may not be the best comparison, as Grayson was recently accused of abusing his wife. Grayson has denied the charges and claims he was the victim.



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