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Cantor not conservative enough for Virginia GOP?

It wasn’t that surprising that Virginians in District 7 were unsatisfied with Eric Cantor as their representative to the US House. Bluntly, he behaves like an arrogant jerk, and has narrow voter appeal. So, what do conservatives do? They replace a jerk with a “brat,” Dave Brat, that is.

Dave Brat, candidate for Virginia District 7

Back in April, I wrote this article: “Eric Cantor’s attacks against President Obama are relentless.” I pointed out that Eric Cantor is where he is because District 7 is at least 58% wealthy Republicans living beyond suburbia in the Virginia countryside where elitists retire from urban life.

Who is Dave Brat?

“Dave Brat won tonight in Virginia because he effectively harnessed the outrage at Washington over the policies that have not been representative of the people, including the prospect of amnesty for illegal immigrants, and focused it on one political leader — the Republican who’s been pushing for amnesty harder than anyone else in the House GOP Leadership,” said Jenny Beth Martin, chairwoman of Tea Party Patriots.”

Dave Brat

Republican candidate for Virginia's 7th congressional district

Election date November 4, 2014

Opponent(s) Jack Trammell (D)

Personal details

David Alan Brat January 15, 1962 (age 52)

Political party Republican

Laura Brat

Residence Henrico, Virginia

Alma mater Hope College (B.A.)
Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div.)
American University (Ph.D)

Professor (economics)

Religion Roman Catholicism

Good news is that he worked in the private sector as a consultant for Arthur Anderson and and the World Bank. Bad news is that:

“In 2002, the firm voluntarily surrendered its licenses to practice as Certified Public Accountants in the United States after being found guilty of criminal charges relating to the firm's handling of the auditing of Enron, an energy corporation based in Texas, which had filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and later failed.”

No one can blame that on Dave Brat. His credentials are very light weight.

He will have his work cut out for him against a Democrat opponent even in this Republican district.

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