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Canton, Ohio police officer Daniel Harless not welcome in Wyoming

Mayor Bloomberg's anti-gun rhetoric, coming to a town near you.

You may have seen the article- Just in case you've never seen an anti-gun cop on steroids, here it is -where a police officer threatens the life of a concealed permit holder in Canton Ohio.

The dash-cam video reveals that Canton police officer Daniel Harless should be disarmed as well as terminated and prosecuted.

It's hard to believe the city leaders would keep such a police officer but the reality is this is an example of just how far these anti-gun politicians will go.

Know this - If officer Harless had treated a dog like this, PETA would have launched a nationwide campaign on this bad cop, mayor and city council.

Here's how the gun control crowd works--

They are counting on their Puppet Mayor and slick talking lawyers to challenge the right to keep and bear arms at the expense of an individual and his civil liberties.

And Canton Ohio Mayor William Healy has emerged as a puppet in the control of anti-gun New York Mayor Bloomberg. Healy is a card carrying member of Mayors Against Guns.

Backing up the mayor with his slick lawyer routine is council member Allen Schulman using the old standby- "guns are the problem" argument, and that brings us to this conclusion -- How dangerous it is to liberty having these venomous anti-gun activists that are masquerading as public servants.

Like most of the arguments from the gun control crowd the mayor and council members have presented a rather flawed view of the situation.

At the height of his rant council member Schulman addresses the incident with their out of control cop as -" It's a symptom of arming citizens" and "packing a Ruger at 1:30 in the morning is not acceptable in our society".

Schulman also goes on to say- "we should all believe in common sense, reasonable gun control laws". listen here

I would suggest that these gun control freaks in Canton should start by disarming their own psycho-cop because as much as the city leaders despise out of town comments, officer Daniel Harless has something the rest of us don't. - a badge that lets this "out of control cop" carry a gun in all 50 states.

All of us need to hold these city leaders accountable for claiming they care about public safety while jeopardizing the very citizens they work for. Not to mention the rest of us that could be subjected to officer Harless if he travels outside of Ohio.

Of course I'll add this- Officer Daniel Harless you're not welcome in Wyoming while armed or disarmed for that matter, because as far as I'm concerned you're just a gang member with a badge.


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