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Canon developing stabilized 85 f1.8, 100f2, and 135 f2L models

Leaked documents seem to show what Canon has planned for its short-term future lens development, namely Image Stabilization-equipped 85 f1.8, 100f2, and 135 f2L models. If true, this would continue the pattern of Canon adding Image Stabilization to its fast aperture standard to short telephoto prime lenses.

So, why the buzz?

The documents appearing to hint at such development come in the form of 3 reported patents filed for such designs, which were posted on a Japanese language blog. As for what can be deciphered from the foreign blog, one can see the optical configurations of the three lenses. The rest? It's all Japanese to me.

As for the past, the trend points to this future lens development being very possible.

It was back in 2012 that Canon stunned the photographic community when it announced that it was going to start offering Image Stabilization on 24 and 28mm f2.8 models as well as on a new 35 f2. The thought process: why would Canon add a stabilizer on such wide, fast lenses? Well, the initial skepticism soon wore off as the lenses started hitting stores and people started buying them. For Canon, adding stabilizers to other fast primes makes good sense, with the only real surprise being that Canon hasn't offered a stabilizer on a fast 50 yet.

As for when the new lenses will hit the market, that's anyone's guess.

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