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Canon announces 16-35 f4L IS, 10-18 f4.5-5.6 lenses with prices, ship dates

The 16-35 f4L IS.
The 16-35 f4L IS.

Canon has just announced a pair of lenses that are designed to give photographers a wider view of the world. The lenses, the 16-35 f4L IS and the 10-18 f4.5-5.6 IS STM, were highly anticipated in the rumor mill and are now officially a reality.

So, what of the new lenses?

First up: the 16-35 f4L IS. This lens, which is usable on both full frame/film cameras as well as APS-C digital, will give photographers an extremely wide field of over 105 degrees when used on full format camera bodies. The stabilizer, rated for 4 stops, can also detect the difference between normal camera shake and panning and compensate accordingly. Optically, the lens features 3 aspherical and 2 low dispersion elements as well as the latest in coatings. The lens comes equipped with Canon's Ultrasonic AF technology that allows for fast, silent AF with full manual override capability. Want creamy smooth bokeh? The 9-blade, rounded diaphragm is sure to please here. The lens is also weather-sealed.

The 10-18 f4.5-5.6 IS STM is for crop cameras only and features the equivalent field of view as a 16- 29mm lens on full frame, meaning that, at least on the wide end, it has the same field as the 16-35 will on full frame. The 10-18 also features a 4-stop stabilizer, a low dispersion element, and coatings. The lens also features a rounded, 7-blade diaphragm. Another selling point: size: the lens measures only 2.8x2.9” and weighs in at a mere half pound.

Want one yet?

According to Canon, both lenses will start to ship in June at a cost of $1200 for the 16-35L and $300 for the 10-18 STM. My advice: preorder as soon as your vendor of choice makes the option available!

For more info:
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