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Canning - limited edition Ball mason jars now available

Limited Edition Colored Ball Mason Jars
Limited Edition Colored Ball Mason Jars
Ball -

Canning season starts right after the first spring harvests begin, as keen gardeners and cooks can tomatoes, pickles, hot sauces, peppers and jellies to enjoy for months to come. Preserving the fruits of your labor for the winter months is one of the greatest joys of spring and summer, because those warm weather jewels can really help a long, cold winter seem not quite so bleak.

These gorgeous limited edition canning jars from Ball are perfect for canning fruits and vegetables - and equally perfect for craft projects, making tea light lanterns, as a vase for cut flowers, or for making 'cookies in a jar' mixes to give for gifts. There's a million different ways to use a mason jar, but any project will have a little bit more special when one of these blue or green colored Ball mason jars are used.

Again - these colored pint jars are limited edition, so be sure to buy yours before they sell out!