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Cannibal brothers who ate 100 corpses in trouble again for the same offense

Earlier today, Mohammad Arif Ali, 35, a convicted Pakistan cannibal was rearrested for cannibalism after a neighbor reported a foul stench coming from the home of brothers Arif Ali and Mohammad Farman Ali, 30. After police had raided the home, they made a shocking discovery: the head of a three-year-old child.

Skeletal remains from the Jamestown settlement. It is believed settlers may have resorted to cannibalism.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Police don’t have any information about the dead boy’s identity, but it’s believed the brothers may have taken the body from a grave. Police are searching local graveyards for distressed graves. The BBC News reported that Arif Ali admitted to cooking the boy’s body, and that his brother helped him eat it. Although police captured Arif Ali, police haven’t captured Farman Ali.

In 2011, Police nabbed the brothers for robbing the grave of a young woman and eating her remains. Inside the brothers’ home, police found a cooking pot with meat inside it. Authorities gave the cannibal brothers two years in prison for robbing and eating at least 100 corpses. The brothers were released from prison in 2013; a decision that angered the locals.

The brothers were both family men with wives and children. After their first arrest, their wives and children left. In Pakistan, cannibalism isn’t illegal. Therefore, in 2011, authorities could only charge the brothers with desecration of a grave. Perhaps the Pakistani government should consider a law forbidding cannibalism. Read more about this disturbing story at the Daily Mail.

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