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Cannabis passes in N.C. House

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The North Carolina House of Representatives on Thursday has approved legalization to allow the use of the oil that comes from marijuana, commonly known as cannabis, as treatment for severe epilepsy. The bill is intended to be very specific on the terms of the use of the cannabis. The Senate will be the next to give their vote on the matter.

Cannabis is oil that is made from marijuana, and essentially will be allowed for medical use, in this case, to help treat those who have extreme cases of epilepsy. Extreme cases are defined as those cases requiring more than three treatments of now traditional treatments.

WBTV is reporting that the bill protects doctors and vendors of the cannabis who sell the oil in state for treatment of the epilepsy and will request the institutions of higher learning to look deeper into the effectiveness of the drug.

Some studies performed so far show that when other medications fail to work, the cannabis, in many cases, seems to work more often relieving pain. Other drugs, at times, are given so frequently at high doses that the body becomes immune to the drug’s effects.

Such as with most plants, different parts of the medical marijuana do different things. The part of the marijuana that produces the cannabis oil is called Charlotte’s Web. The chemical from the plant that makes a person high is stored in another part of the plant.

By law, the drug would be 10 percent cannabidiol by weight, which is the active ingredient against the epilepsy.

Currently, there are twenty-two states plus DC that allow for medical marijuana use, according to

In the majority of the situations, the person giving the cannabis would have to be over 18 and registered with the state to distribute the drug. All patients would have to be recommended for the cannabis and be registered with the Health and Human services as well as government agencies.



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