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Cannabis Basics Alieviates Pain in Washington State

Cannabis Basics
Cannabis Basics
Cannabis Basics

Cannabis Basics, the proud home of Fertile Hempseed Oil & Premium Cannabis Flower Topical Medicinals, created two products that work amazingly well to help with pain management and treatment of topical skin issues.

The Pain Remedy Stick (.75 oz.)
This product utilizes CBD, THCA and THC along with Arnica Montana and other therapeutic botanicals. Before applying this product topically, the aromatherapy from the essential oil blend and terpenes from the cannabis can help ease nausea and headaches. Apply the stick liberally to the back of the neck, temples, joints, muscles and other points where one feels inflammation, stress and pain. Then after recapping the stick, use the counters of the container to apply pressure and use as a massage tool.

Naked Lip Butter (.15 oz.)
The combination of Tea Tree, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Echinacea, fertile Hempseed Oil along, and Premium Cannabis Flower in this lip butter creates a powerful daily lip moisturizer that can protect and sooth sensitive lips. Originally, this product was created to treat herpes simplex but it can also be used to help heal fever blisters, chapped lips, and cold sores, In addition, this product can be used for spot treatment of skin issues such as burns, hemorrhoids, rashes, eczema, psoriasis and healing care for tattoos.

These compact sizes travel very easily though for now Cannabis Basics products are available at Medical Marijuana, access points or dispensaries located in Washington State.

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