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Cannabis activists hold sixteenth annual medical marijuana benefit concert

Just about every organization supporting the legalization of medical cannabis gathered at one of Miami's oldest bars, Tobacco Road last Saturday night to get the word out regarding the issue that apparently will appear on the November ballot in Florida. There were representatives from NORML of Florida, one of the sponsors of the event, The Silver Tour, a non-profit targeting the senior vote, Patients Out Of Time, I'm A Patient Not A Criminal, Florida Cannabis Action Network, and United For Care, the organization that Florida attorney John Morgan funded to circulate the petition that has now gathered the requisite signatures to place the issue on the ballot come election day.

The event has been held annually for the last sixteen years and features speakers such as Elvy Musika and Irvin Rosenfeld, two remaining Federal medical marijuana patients, Robert Platshorn, the nation's longest serving prisoner for a marijuana related offense and founder of The Silver Tour, and Karen Goldstein, Director of the National Organization For Reform Of Marijuana Laws of Florida. The event also features music from local musical talent performed on three different stages.

Robert Platshorn commented that, "it was a perfect Florida evening and all who attended enjoyed the outdoor patio with it's speakers and music. Everyone was really excited at the prospect of actually passing a medical marijuana initiative for our State. There was definitely optimism in the air. So many came over to The Silver Tour booth to thank us for all the work we've done in the last two years to bring seniors, Florida's most important voting bloc, out of the closet to openly demand safe legal access to medical marijuana. Our State now polls more than 80% in favor of medical cannabis, thanks to a major swing among our seniors."

Karen Goldstein added "it was wonderful to join together and share the truth about medical cannabis in a setting of music, poetry, art and education on a balmy Florida night in January. We had an opportunity to share ideas and techniques for educating folks who need to learn the truth about this incomparable medicine. We had speakers from many parts of the community, including activists, lawyers, medical professionals and more. In all, a great way to spend 14 hours."

Everybody involved in the effort now awaits word from the Florida Supreme Court with respect to the proposed language for the ballot. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is challenging the language in an attempt to keep the issue from appearing on the ballot. The decision should be forthcoming in the near future and will either clear the way for the public to vote on the issue or require supporters to continue their tireless campaign.

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