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Canine mothers to be recognized for their efforts

Facebook image is NOT either rescued baby, just a depiction of a dog's unwavering love.
Facebook image is NOT either rescued baby, just a depiction of a dog's unwavering love.

It would certainly difficult for some individuals to know who to celebrate when it comes to Mother’s Day. Take for example a couple of stories that have resurfaced from the internet just in time for this very important holiday.

The first story took place nine years ago (2005) and is that of a newborn baby girl that had been abandoned in a forest and rescued by a stray dog in Nairobi, Kenya. The baby had been dressed in shabby clothes and dumped when the dog found her in a plastic bag, released her, carried her past a “busy road” and “a barbed wire fence” and took her back to join her litter of puppies.

The second story bears similar results when a little boy had been abandoned by his 14-year-old mother in a field in rural Argentina about six years ago (2008) in frigid temperatures. Thankfully the dog rescued the baby and allowed it to suckle and cuddle as though it was one of her pups.

In both cases, the likelihood of survival for the babies would have been nil. The dogs were acting out as mothers and just happened to be better mothers to the children than their human counterparts happened to be.

Of course it is hard to judge a situation when one has never had to deal with such famine or even with other situations that led to the mother abandoning their babies. No matter the reasons, it would still be difficult to know who to call mom for those children.

Dogs seem to come through in the clutch for a variety of other animals besides those of the canine variety. This week there has been stories of canine mothers taking in other canines, felines and now human beings. Mother’s Day celebrations should certainly include celebrating canine mothers!

This is certainly not to suggest that most human mothers are not fantastic or that they should not be celebrated; no way, no how. This is only to show that canine mothers have it in the bag when it comes to undivided love and compassion – no matter the age, breed or sex or the baby – they take all of them in; so much so that this special day should recognize their motherly instincts as well.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all incredible mothers out there! Keep it real. Keep it strong and keep motherhood at the forefront of your lives always. It is the most important job that you will ever do!

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