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Canine charity on the road and at home

Butler and the Comfort Dogs of LCC help people find hope in the wake of destruction!
Butler and the Comfort Dogs of LCC help people find hope in the wake of destruction!
American Humane Association

It is storm season and many states expect to see tornadoes, however, no one ever expects a tornado to completely devastate an entire area. When that type of destruction does happen, emotions run rampant and people are not always certain where to turn. That is where the dogs come into play.

Dogs have been stated to be the best therapists a human being could ever wish for. They are patient, kind and loving. They never tell a secret and just seem to naturally know what a person needs and when they need it. People are hard-pressed to find that type of sensitivity in most other human beings!

So when devastations like the last one in Arkansas at the beginning of May occurs, people get on the horn to call in the dog healers. Both Butler, The Weather Channel (TWC) Therapy Dog as well as the Lutheran Church Charities Therapy Dogs were called in after the tornado ripped and tore through the area.

The dogs were not called in to do cleanup efforts; they were called in to rebuild this shattered community in another sense of the word. They were there to lend a helping paw, administer a friendly lick and to show the people affected by the storm that things would eventually be okay by wagging their tail.

Butler, the TWC’s Therapy Dog, trained by the American Humane Association (AHA) has been in the business just a short time, but is doing his best to heal the people that need canine support following devastation such as this.

The Comfort Dogs have been in the business a bit longer and are seasoned veterans for this type of work. Depending on how much desolation will depend on the number of dogs and their handlers that are invited to an area.

The great thing is that the dog charity does not cost residents a single dime. They do not have to fill out endless paperwork in order to get insurance to get this dog therapy. The dogs just saunter over and listen. It is as simple as that! Sometimes no words at all have to be iterated in order for the dogs to feel the person’s pain.

Shattered communities are rebuilt with kindness and unconditional love. Fatigue and stress seem to dissipate when dogs come to town. They are replaced by smiles and excitement – and encouragement that a brighter day will soon surface.

Butler will continue deploying with TWC to storm-related disasters while the Comfort Dogs will go to storm-ridden areas as well as a host of other disaster sites. Charity such as this is easy to come by – if only you know where to look!

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