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Angulo wants a dogfight. Unfortunately, so does Canelo.
Alfredo Angulo



By definition, it is singularly the darkest force known to mankind. It is unrelenting and unforgiving. It is cruel and it is deadly. It offers no room for sympathy in its pathological path of destruction, and it is the most unforgettable form of live theatre one can witness in a lifetime.

Both sides view the other as evil, as warlords design warriors to kill without remorse, leaving only the dogtags to define their valor.

Irony knows many forms- and so does Boxing.


I remember seeing the movie “Reservoir Dogs” and can still feel the indelible impression it left in my young soul. It was the most violent movie I’d ever seen in my life, because it was so real.

It was clever of Quentin Tarantino to depict the before and after events of a botched diamond heist, but not the heist itself.

This would be like me telling you what happens before and after Saul Canelo Alvarez faces Alfredo Angulo on March 8th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and never describing the fight itself.

But I’m not that clever ;)

This was a very dark and colorful world he painted for us on screen, and not unlike the one the two combatants will produce in their encounter for PPV blood lust- which will probably be a mistake by Showtime.

In this devastatingly classic film, he gave them colors for names, so in honor of the title of this article, I’m gonna do the same.

Let’s just pretend that the credits are rolling and you see their names at the end.

Canelo : RED



I don’t know what they feed Angulo, and I can’t be sure it isn't Alpo, because he acts like man’s best friend in the ring and his worst nightmare.

He can’t be doing all that he does for a bone, and he’s never without his dog by his side.

Anyway, he’s sorta like a B movie version of Antonio Margarito. Or while I’m at it and just for the hell of it, he’s a terrible bootleg copy of Julio Cesar Chavez (uh, the original).

Angulo is brave beyond measure.

He is also just what the fight gods ordered for Canelo, given his penchant for straight forward attack off the leash with no reverse gear.

He- will fight Alvarez the way I encouraged him to fight Floyd, like a bear would a human being in the wild. This was counter to Canelo’s nature, who really wants to trap you into bombs and counter punch.

He’s the most unfriendly “waiter” in any ring restaurant if you will.

Angulo will find out that he’s not a bear, rather just a dog, a war torn Pit-bull at that, against a fresher Mastiff with more skills designed for combat. This fight will be epic, violent, and absolutely brutal for all the wrong reasons if your name is Alfredo Angulo.

He will walk right into the teeth of the younger, cinnamon flavored Mexican attack, and turn into two colors right before your eyes. Look for Saul Canelo Alvarez to bludgeon and batter a game Alfredo Angulo into submission in the 6th round.

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