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Michigan dogs: Jogger killed by gargantuan cane corso dogs with attack history

Two Cane Corso dogs mauled a Michigan jogger to death.
Two Cane Corso dogs mauled a Michigan jogger to death.
Wikimedia Commons

Two massive cane corso dogs attacked a jogger along a rural Michigan dirt road and mauled the man to death. These same two cane corso dogs have attacked other pedestrians in their neighborhood dating back to 2012, but this time they took the life of 46-year-old Craig Sytsma, according to the Canada Journal on July 27.

The owners of these dogs may face charges in this man's death, as this is the third attack documented on the same two cane corso dogs. These large Italian dogs were unprovoked and just chased the man down. A neighbor cutting his lawn waved to the man as he passed by his house.

The neighbor cut a section of his lawn and turned to come back and that's when he saw the jogger in a ditch with the dogs "ripping at the man's arms." He grabbed a gun and fired it, hoping to scare off the dogs, reports the New York Daily News.

Det. Sgt. Jason Parks of the Lapeer County Sheriff's Office said that the neighbor yelled at the dogs, but "they would not release." When he shot the gun he grazed one of the dogs, and they finally ran back home.

By now another neighbor, who is a nurse, ran over to the man to try and help. She gave him CPR. Another neighbor along with the man mowing the lawn came to the man's side and tried to help.

The paramedics worked on the man while on the way to the hospital, but the mauling was just too severe and the man died at the hospital from the injuries he received from these two dogs.

The divorced father of three, Craig Sytsma of Livonia, died an hour later at the hospital. The jogger had no identification or even a cell phone with him so they didn't know his identity at first. The attack happened on Wednesday evening and it wasn't until Thursday morning.

Apparently Sytsma had left his work, Eltro Services in nearby Oxford Township, to go for a jog. It was during that jog that he came upon the cane corso dogs at about 5:30 Wednesday night and that is when the mauling occurred. It wasn't until Thursday morning that the police were able to identify the mauled jogger.

An employee of Sytsma's showed up at work and noticed that Sytsma's car had been there overnight. He also found the building unlocked, which was suspicious to him and he called the police. It didn't take long to figure out that the dead jogger was Sytsma, through the employee's description of the man.

The three-year-old cane corso dogs, resemble the mastiff-type dogs and they are bred to hunt boar. The American Kennel Club describes the breed as "noble, majestic and powerful in presence." The typical cane corso weighs about 100-pounds.

Law enforcement in Metamora, which is a town 45 miles outside of Detroit, have known about these two dogs since 2012 after they were implicated in a biting incident. They had the same type of biting incident again in 2013.

Apparently the owners got the dogs as puppies in 2011.The dogs are at the Lapeer County Animal Shelter and authorities expect to euthanize the pair.

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