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Cane corso dogs attack and maul jogger to death, manslaughter charges pending

Cane corso dogs attack and maul jogger to death, manslaughter charges pending
Cane corso dogs attack and maul jogger to death, manslaughter charges pending
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Two massive cane corso Italian bred dogs viciously attacked a Michigan jogger along a rural dirt road last week, mauling the man and refusing to release him out of their jaws until the passerby was dead. The victim, 46-year-old Craig Sytsma, was jogging Wednesday in Metamora Township in Lapeer County, Michigan when the pair of dogs rushed out and latched their jaws onto the man’s limbs, bringing him down before biting him repeatedly in the neck and face.

Writes the Inquisitr: “This was the third time the dogs had attacked someone in two years, and many are hoping that the owner will be held legally responsible.”

The determination of the dogs to attack Sytsma could not even be diverted by a gunshot from a neighbor who witnessed the brutal assault. The neighbor, who actually nicked one of the dogs with his shot, said the 3-year-old corsos still would not release their grip. Both the neighbor and another jogger performed CPR, but Sytsma, a divorced father of three, died an hour later at the hospital.

Authorities now say the owner of the dogs will face likely manslaughter charges for allowing his aggressive dogs to freely roam out and attack the jogger. Animal control officials said the same dogs have already attacked pedestrians twice before, and the 45-year-old owner had been warned about keeping the untethered animals controlled on his property.

Reports the NY Daily News: “A neighbor mowing his lawn waved to the runner as he did a pass in the yard — then saw the man lying in a ditch, the two dogs ripping at the man’s arms, the next time he came around… Cane corsos are large Italian dogs bred to hunt wild boars and grow to around 100 pounds.”

“He was jogging, doing what everybody else does out there, running and riding bikes,” Metamora Township police Officer Sean Leathers said.

The dogs were removed from the unnamed man’s property and are being held at the Lapeer County Animal Shelter. Both animals are expected to be put down.

Lapeer County Det. Sgt. Jason Parks said the owner “yelled at the dogs,” but that “they would not release.” Parks called the animals “a public threat. They’re beyond rehabilitation.”

In May of 2012, April Smith was walking by the home when the same dogs ran out and attacked her, biting her in the leg and causing multiple puncture wounds. Smith says it’s unbelievable that nothing had been done since then to control the animals.

“I cannot believe this happened to someone,” Smith said. “I’m not mad at the dogs, I’m so upset with the owners. I thought something would be done with these dogs, but nothing was done. Nothing was ever done. Those dogs are vicious. It’s not a joke.”

Smith added: “Animal control should have done something. It should have never gone this far. The fact this has led to a death, it’s sickening.”

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