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Candyland Gothica: An Electronic Love Story

Don Ghotti

"Candyland Gothicia: An Electronic Love Story is deemed as 2010's hottest "music fetish."  This project was inspired as Indie Music Producer Don "Ghotti" Pitts II (Felicitous Records Inc) was pouring his soul into an erotic nude painting and listening to several tracks that were submitted for the project.

According to Don Ghotti: "Colors, sounds, and sex all have a lot in common. Through these three mediums we can express as human beings our deepest expressions of Love, Lust, Pain, & Pleasure. The fusion of these mediums can take our senses to higher and higher climatic realms and that's what we aim to do with this project."

The soundtrack is an explosion of a ten song electronic eargasm Remixed
by some of the house and electronica genre's hottest new producers. Experience climatic
sounds and vibrations by rising producers PCP of Ontario, CA and Brooklyn, NY born DJ
Nadeeah Eshe just to name a few. This ear candy is slated for release late January 2010.

Make sure you visit Don Ghotti's website for more updates and also to experience the Adventures of Don Ghotti and Don Pitts Mixtape Volumes 1-4. Volume 5 is coming soon.