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Candy Spelling accuses Tori of shopping addiction: ‘True Tori’ news

Candy Spelling
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Candy Spelling is revealing details about Tori’s life that may explain why her daughter often complains about financial problems. Radar Online reports on Saturday that Candy does not think Tori can handle a larger portion of her father’s estate. The mother and daughter have tried to fix their relationship, but the new interview from Candy may destroy it again.

Candy mentions that Tori had a shopping problem because she was able to spend up to $60,000 in one store without worrying about the financial consequences. She points out her daughter’s shopping habits meant she was not capable of handling more money from her father’s will. Tori was rumored to have received $800,000 after her father died, and this has been one of the main issues that affected the relationship with her mother.

Although Candy claims to see Tori several times a month, this number may be reduced to zero after her recent interview. Tori has been sharing details of her personal life on the Lifetime show “True Tori,” but she has not featured her mother or discussed the relationship in detail. The reality star has claimed she has outgrown her shopping addiction because her family’s financial issues have become more important.

Tori may be too busy dealing with her marriage to respond to her mother because she recently removed Dean McDermott’s name from her social media accounts. She has not provided an explanation for the sudden decision to drop Dean and has continued to claim the marriage remains strong. During her promotional visits for “Mystery Girls,” she indicated they are still together with no signs of a pending divorce. It has been suggested that she changed the name for professional reasons because her show does not include Dean. Tori is interested in rekindling her TV career on a permanent basis.

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