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Candy Hearts finishes recording new album

Candy Hearts performing at Skate and Surf.
Candy Hearts performing at Skate and Surf.

Candy Hearts has just officially announced through producer Chad Gilbert, that their record, one of Alter The Press' most anticipated albums of 2014, has just finished recording in the studio.

We don't need to tell you how much work goes into producing these things, and with a nod from Alter The Press, and a producer like Gilbert backing the project, you have to wonder what Candy Hearts is going to bring to the table with this one.

They'll be appearing at The Church, in Philadelphia on Feb. 21, but won't be making rounds in this area again until April 3 and 4, where they'll be playing The Gramercy Theater, and the Upstate Concert Hall in New York City, and Clifton Park respectively.

If the band is as good as we think it might be, they'll be well worth a listen, and more than worth a demand to get themselves to the NJ music scene. Go on their Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, wherever you please to find them, and tell them to book a show right here in the Garden State.