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Candy-free Easter Basket Ideas

By the time parents have completed Christmas, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day, they may be tired of their children being wired on tons of candy. Then Easter comes. Multitudes of Easter egg hunts and gift baskets. There may be a lot of reasons to scale back the massive candy-dump on children this Easter though, such as the increase of food allergies, childhood diabetes and obesity as well as the previously mentioned sugar-highs that can drive parents up the wall. Some treats in moderation is usually OK and should be cleared with parents, but there are also lots of opportunities that can include handmade gifts and crafts.

Ideas for Easter Egg Hunts that don't include candy
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The video linked to this article gives ideas for old crayons melted down in egg shapes. Other ideas include:

Making your own Easter basket treats or hunt surprises will help teach that good things during the holidays are not necessarily bought at a store and will reduce consumerism in the Easter message.

If you're trying to avoid food allergies for a specific family or child, talk to the parents beforehand to make sure to avoid the ingredients in any homemade gifts.

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