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Candy Crush trademark presents problems for Apple apps and game owners

The uber popular Candy Crush game with 30 billion games per month has received a trademark for the ‘candy’ from the US Patent and Trademark office, according to Reuters says NBC News this morning.

In order to protect other games and apps from riding the coattails of Candy Crush, Videogame maker King, creator of the Candy Crush Saga, had a problem so over a year ago King requested a trademark on the word, ‘candy.’

That is a difficult deal to close but the sweet spot came last week and now the company says it wants to protect its game title from imitators in other product areas who also use the word ‘candy.’ It has obtained a trademark from the European Union, which will apply not only to computer games, but also to areas such as clothes and footwear, the European Commission's trademark office told Reuters.

Now, app developers with games on the market that include the word in the title are reportedly receiving emails from Apple asking them to remove their apps from the App Store.

These emails are in line with Apple's protocol as the company automatically sends out emails asking the two parties to connect when a claim is filed. Such emails therefore don't necessarily mean the tech giant is working alongside King; it's simply the protocol that takes place when a user files a claim against another developer.

Saga was the top downloaded free app for 2013, and the year's top revenue grossing app. It has been downloaded more than 500 million times since its launch in 2012.

To read more about games and apps, please, see below the Author's suggestions and the video on Candy Crush atop this article.

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