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Candy cane cavity corner in Denver: Visiting Hammond's Candies with a sweet tooth


The finished product at Hammond's Candies in Denver, Colorado         Photo Credit: Suzy Guese

Once the holiday season has begun, red and green sweets start to appear everywhere, even in unconscious states with stories telling us to dream of sugar plum fairies. At the Hammond’s Candies Factory and Store in Denver, every dentist’s nightmare manufactures hard candy and chocolates to people all around the country and world. The factory turns out 1,000 pounds of sugar a day, but around the holidays even Santa turns a blind eye to the sugar intake.

Hammond’s Candies started in 1920 by Mr. Carl T. Hammond Sr.. The first factory sat near the Platte River Valley, right where quite the opposite, a sporting goods store, sits today. Hammond's Candies factory would move two more times, before settling in its present location on 5735 Washington Street in 2004.

Free tours are offered every 30 minutes of Hammond’s factory, Monday through Friday from 9:00AM-3:00PM. While Sundays are closed, those that want to go on the weekends can receive a tour on Saturday, every half hour from 10:00AM until 3:00PM.

The factory tour first takes visitors to the typical movie room to watch a short film about the company. Then guests are shown the factory where sugar gets pushed, pulled, and twisted, almost like a Bop It. Tour groups remain behind glass windows, watching the factory empolyees as though they are Santa’s elves working hard in the workshop. The tour continues to the packaging room, down a hallway lined with old 1930s candy making machines.

After observing all of that candy for 30 minutes, guests may get a little antsy for a free sample. The factory offers up their misfit candy canes, the ones broken into pieces. While visitors are allowed one apiece, some on the tour may reach in for a whole handful to stuff in coat pockets.

The tour ends in the Hammond’s store where buckets and buckets of candy canes can be purchased for $2.50 a cane. While that may be steep for just one candy cane, it is well worth it. Hammond’s also sells other items like chocolates and sour balls. Their products are pretty pricey, but seemingly of a long-standing quality.

If candy canes are your weakness, Hammond’s could be your candy cane lane. The company even has a Candy Cane Festival on December 12th from 9:00AM until 5:00PM. The Festival features tours of the factory, pictures with the man himself, Santa that is, and even train rides for kids. Visiting Hammond’s Candies during the holidays may be every kids, or even parents, idea of an inexpensive festive outing right in Denver. 

Empolyees hard at work on hard candy at Hammond's Candies in Denver  Photo Credit: Suzy Guese

For more information, visit Hammond's Candies online.


  • Lynn Farris Dallas Living Abroad Examiner 5 years ago

    Sounds like a fun place to take your children.

  • Ted Nelson 5 years ago

    Always a good time visiting places where they actually make the product.

  • Chrissy Morin Douglas County eXaminer 5 years ago

    The chocolate filled peppermint candy canes are the best.. along with the homemade marshmallows. I used to take my kids there every year to buy candy.