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Candy and Cupcake just in time for Valentine’s Day

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Just a short time ago an article was submitted about a rescued dog from Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC), Dream, who was in pretty bad shape. Come to discover, this same dog was pregnant and gave birth a short time later. The long and the short of the story was that Dream really wanted to be a mother but one of her two pups was stillborn. She clung to the other, nursing it along, trying her best to get the puppy to live while she herself was fighting the same.

The story turned out well for Dream not only helped her little boy, Cupcake , to blossom, but she was also given the opportunity to become a surrogate for a little girl, Candy, that was just about the same age. She lovingly took on the responsibility and both puppies flourished; it was as if they had always belonged together! She displayed the type of affection that Candy required to nurture her to good health; acceptance usually reserved only for those related by DNA. Now the puppies are ready to find their someone special to love forever just in time for Valentine’s Day. The HWAC staff cannot imagine anything sweeter than seeing each puppy begin a love story of their very own!

Dream’s saga began in January, when the Center reported on her uniquely moving story. She had been rescued from an overcrowded shelter in the high desert near Lancaster, California. She was dirty, matted and so terribly underweight that no one realized at first that she was pregnant. When she delivered, Cupcake was the only surviving puppy.

Just weeks later, Candy arrived with her mother and six siblings. Candy was in desperate trouble; weighing less than half of what her siblings did. She was being trampled by her brothers and sisters; unable to get to her mother’s milk, the puppy was stunted, weak, dehydrated and covered in bite wound.

The foster staff at Helen Woodward decided to introduce Candy to Dream and her puppy Cupcake. The bond was instantaneous which proved once again that dreams do come true. Dream immediately took to Candy, snuggling her as well as Cupcake; just as though she were the baby Dream had lost. She sweetly nursed the two puppies and kept a watchful eye on both babies. With that her spirits seemed to lift – with that her family was at last complete!

Now the love of this unique family will have its ultimate pay-off. Both sweet puppies are playful, healthy, socialized, and ready to begin their new love stories. Candy and Cupcake will be available for adoption today, February 4th. Dream will be ready for adoption a week or two later.

“We love this little family and how each one has helped the others to heal, grow and become happy, trusting pets who have wonderful futures ahead of them,” said Helen Woodward Animal Center Inventory Manager LaBeth Thompson. “It does my heart good. The gifts they gave to one another will last a lifetime.”

For more information on Dream, Cupcake and Candy, or for inquiries about adoption, please contact the Adoptions Department at: 858-756-4117 ext. 1, or stop by at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe.

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