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Candy Alternative for Tea Lovers


Although Summer may be the perfect time to kick back with a glass of frosty iced-tea, not all tea-lovers have time to run out in the middle of a busy day and pay $3 or so for a fix.  With that in mind, Bali's Best has introduced classic tea flavors-in a candy.

Bali's Best is a division of Fusion Gormet Incorporated, based right here in Gardena, part of Southwest Los Angeles.  For the past few years Bali's Best has been cooking up the perfect concotion of real tea and coffee in perfectly-sized, all natural hard candies.  While coffee candies have been in the mainstream candy market for as long as I can remember, this is the first time tea has been used to flavor any type of candy.  Not only does Bali's Best use real tea extract to flavor every tea candy, but the real thing adds its natural anti-oxidants to give your body a healthy little boost, which is the opposite of what  other candies do.

Bali's Best hand picks the green tea leaves used in the making of their three flavors of tea candy from the Indonesian islands of Java to get some of the highest quality tea extract on the planet.  Add to that a little glucose (to make the candies hard and solid) and some natural salt and cane sugar and you've got a healthy, naturally flavored candy!  Each piece only has about 12 calories and just one gram of sugar, so you won't ruin your beach-ready summer figure by snacking on Tea Candies.  Another great feature for summer, too is that Tea Candies won't melt in high heat- in the bag or your hand!  Available in Classic Iced Tea, Green Tea Latte, and Citrus Green Tea, there's something for every brand of tea-drinker.  The Classic Iced tastes like a wonderfully slow brewed black tea with fresh honey as soon as it hits your lips.  Now, you're not alone if you find that hard to imagine, but at just $1.99 for a hefty bag of 42 Tea Candies, it won't hurt to try them out. 

Bali's Best Tea Candies can be found at specialty food retailers like Cost Plus World Market and Whole Foods Markets, but they're available on their website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.