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Candidates Who Stimulate Job Growth Get Results - Here's How


Candidates have a responsibility to propose common sense solutions that improve people’s lives. During pressing economic times, voters should demand nothing less. Unemployment is at crisis levels and tackling this issue should be of utmost importance to all who seek public office.

I’d like to share this proposal with other candidates and hope that they implement it, or something similar to it, in their districts. Before doing so, candidates are advised to speak with an attorney regarding any potential liabilities. There are likely many attorneys in your area who will appreciate the concept and would be willing to provide such advice pro-bono, if they’re approached.

A week and a half ago, I announced a Jobs Fair for my district. The model we’ve put in place is unique, and designed to have the most immediate impact. Employers get in front of politically/civically inclined applicants and prospective employees are quickly made aware of job options within the district and its surrounding areas.

The details are as follows. Of note, to do this, I established a separate campaign email, which in my case is It is highly recommended that each campaign that wishes to use my system first create an email such as jobs@<name of campaign website>.

This was the main part of my announcement:

South Florida Jobs Fair

My campaign will be hosting a two part jobs fair to bring jobs to people in the district and strengthen local businesses by introducing them to qualified applicants.

Streamlining Technology to Combat Unemployment

The 1st part is an effective and fully functional way to connect local business owners with local job seekers. In this process, the confidentiality of the job seeker is assured. The job seeker sends an email (preferably with a resume, so we can narrow down areas of interest) to jobs@<substitute your campaign site>. They then get on a list to receive all available job updates.

Employers looking for qualified local job candidates (after all, this service is only being circulated among the politically active or those who read up on local news), send a description of the job offer to jobs@<substitute your campaign site>. The job with the employer's contact info is then sent to the list of prospective employees.

This is a fast, streamlined and effective process, the goal of which is to immediately connect employees with prospective employers.

Live Fair and Interviews

Local employers will be offered the opportunity to participate in a live face to face job fair on Wed. Mar. 17th to be held at Campaign HQ (or find a local business to host a fair) from 6-8 pm. Prospective employees will be invited to sit down with all employers during that time.

To participate please email jobs@<substitute your campaign site>. For additional information, please email <insert your campaign email> or call <insert your number>.

The above is just one of many things that candidates can do to stimulate the economy in their districts. I highly recommend they pursue such a course. Politics is about public service. The surest way to win an election is to propose competent solutions and to get them out there to the public. Doing so is a mixture of good policy and good politics, and regardless of the result, such proposals help a lot of people in your area, which is what politics should be about.


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