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Candidate profile: Eric Johnson for governor

Eric Johnson, Republican candidate for governor
Eric Johnson, Republican candidate for governor
Eric Johnson


  • Ricky Bobby 6 years ago

    Nice article. He seems like a pretty good candidate.

  • Steve Watkins 6 years ago

    We here a lot about what you would like to do or will do, but I would like to know where you stand as far as the Church is concerned. As you know there are a growing number of people who whould like to start taxing the churches. Goverment seems to be leaning toward an idea that it is wrong to preach the gospel if it addresses sin. They want to call this kind of preaching, a hate message. I don,t want to sound angry because I'm not, however I am concerned. Please respond.

  • David- Carroll Elections Examiner 6 years ago

    Steve, I don't know of any of the candidates that want to tax churches. Many of the candidates, both Democrat and Republican, claim to be Christian. Personally, I believe that Republicans are more friendly to traditional Christian values. I think that you are right to be concerned. Christian values and traditions are under attack from radical leftists and atheists.

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