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Candice Glover back to "Idol" stage, but scores an Idol debut album low

The same day she returned to the stage that launched her recording career, "American Idol" Season 12 winner Candice Glover's debut album, Music Speaks, bowed into the Billboard 200 this week at No. 14. It landed at No. 3 on the R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart. And yet, it still was a poor performer in comparison to all other "Idol" winners. The poorest, in fact.

If you never thought you'd see the day Lee DeWyze's major label debut album would get undersold by another "American Idol" winner, well you know what they say about never saying "never." Moving only 19,000 copies its first week of release, as reported by Billboard Feb. 28, it undersold the former dubious record holder, DeWyze's Live It Up! That particular collection of songs sold 39,000 its first week in stores.

At least Glover didn't suffer the added ignominy of having the lowest debuting album by an "American Idol" winner. That distinction still belongs to DeWyze. His album bowed in at No. 19.

But there is also another saying in the music business: It's a marathon, not a sprint. In this regard, Candice Glover's powerhouse voice might be the key. Time will tell...

And time may have worked against the Season 12 winner, given that her album was just released, a nine-month turnaround filled with delays unseen by former "Idol" winners (except Kelly Clarkson, who saw an eight-month turnaround). Those worthies almost always had their first albums hit the stores at least two months before Christmas -- so as to take advantage of holiday sales and continuing name recognition (not just from the show but from the buzz created by the live show of the Top 10 finalists that tour the U. S. each summer after the finale).

Yahoo Music also reported that an iTunes glitch may have cost Music Speaks 11,000 in sales. (Still not enough to top DeWyze's numbers, but far better than what was reported).

Some might blame the continuing drop in "American Idol" ratings. Or the fact that last season's judges panel hatefest between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey may have left many simply wanting to forget the entire season.

But, again, time will tell.

Candice Glover was back on the "American Idol" stage Thursday night as well. She performed a medley of her first single from Music Speaks, "Cried," and "Same Kinda Man."

The then 22-year-old Glover seemed to be a sleeper in the pack of hopefuls in Season 12, but by the time half of the finalists were eliminated, she was dominating the show vocally. Still, there was no guarantee she would take the Season 12 title, but her finale performances so dominated country singer Kree Harrison's that the final vote seemed all but a formality.

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