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Candace Cameron Bure: Stamos' phone gets hacked by 'Full House' star

Candace Cameron Bure
Candace Cameron Bure
John Stamos Instagram

Candace Cameron Bure decided that it was a great time to hack John Stamos' cell phone. On Monday, Christian Post shared about how she actually hacked his phone to post a selfie along with Andrea Barber. These two are great friends and have become best friends since the show ended. They still hang out together a lot and are known to share pictures together.

Along with the picture she shared saying, "This is what you get when you accidentally leave your phone with Deej & Gibbler." John Stomos probably should have known better than to leave his phone with them but the fans of the show got a kick out of seeing this picture. They also like knowing that these two are spending time together.

It was not shared why all three of them were together again but fans are hoping that it means a "Full House" reunion is on the way. They are probably not filming anything at this time. Several people from the show were at "Dancing With the Stars" to help support Candace Cameron Bure when she was on the show with her partner Mark Ballas. They do all stay in touch with each other and it seems like get along very well.

Yahoo shared that a lot of the cast got together this weekend for the big wedding of Dave Coulier. You can easily assume that is what everyone was together for and why John Stamos got his hacked by his old co-stars who were having a good time. They do know how to get people talking about everything though. Fans love them together.

Candace did a great job on "Dancing With the Stars" this past season. Everyone would love to see someone else from "Full House" join the cast in the future. You never know might decide to put on their dancing shoes next season and see if they can win the mirror ball trophy.