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Candace Cameron Bure dishes on weight loss; calorie count on ‘DWTS’ essential

Candace Cameron Bure will keep dancing after Dancing With the Stars
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Candace Cameron Bure finished the “Dancing With the Stars” competition in third place and she goes home looking sexy. Not only is the actress able to show off her sexy figure, she plans to keep it off long after the show is over. While Hollywood diets aren't easily figured out, Candace Cameron Bure had help during the show with her food. According to Stylist on Wednesday, the star needed to keep track of her calories and used a food service to make sure the calorie count was exact.

Before going into the competition, Candace Cameron Bure had a cardio routine, but that had to be changed when she started rehearsing so much. After the first few weeks, the actress started losing weight, but that wasn't necessarily a good thing after four or five pounds as she is a small woman. So to make sure she got the necessary calories and be full of energy she switched to a food service that offered 1,500 calories a day.

While the weight stayed off, the changes in Candace’s body were substantial. Not only did she have smaller arms and waist she felt like she had more energytoo. The precise food gave her the nutrients she needed and she still got to focus on dancing.

Now that the competition is over, fans might think that she would be tired of the dancing, but it is the exact opposite. Wanting to keep looking good, it appears that Candace Cameron Bure will be heading back to the dance studio to find another partner. Hoping to keep the body looking good, the star is wanting to keep the benefits of the show and stay with her new healthy lifestyle.

Don’t be surprised if you see Candace Cameron Bure in another show or movie in the near future. The star has once again been introduced to America and people would love to see her acting skills!

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