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Cancer Support Foundation starts its 10th year of providing unusual services

Cindy Carter's heart's cry is for more help so that the Cancer Support Foundation, Inc. can serve the Maryland cancer population who are falling through the quality of life cracks. Cindy Carter, an 11 year breast cancer survivor to thriver, President and Co-Founder of Cancer Support Foundation, Inc. in Ellicott City, MD along with her Co-Founder, Nancy Frederick (now deceased from ovarian cancer) saw there was an overwhelming need for providing everyday lifestyle services to the Maryland cancer population. At the end of June, 2005, Cancer Support Foundation, Inc. (CSF) , a not-for-profit, 50l(c)(3) charitable organization was created to "help cancer families in Maryland" stay together as a family by providing quality of life referral services and limited funding for everyday expenses such as rent, utilities, car upkeep and similar basic living expenses. CSF serves Maryland residents of all ages with any type of cancer.

The people CSF serves are not only dealing with cancer diagnoses and the lack of continuous basic, quality of life support but a multitude of negatives from harsh cancer treatments, cancer treatment side effects, emotional and mental anguish and the list goes on. Just last month she was aware of eight evictions of Maryland families she had been working with to help resolve housing challenges.

Currently, there are no programs in Maryland that provide sustainable/continuous means of quality of life support to the cancer population that result from their inability to work or lack of short term or long term disability payments needed to cover continuous basic living expenses.

Who can help most effectively and immediately? - Individuals and private funders and organizations, with little or no 'red tape.' Who can help ultimately, after laws, rules and regulations are changed? - Government -- federal, state, local, including regulatory agencies; utility companies and other organizational funders.

What can be done right now?

o Make a donation (anyone or organization) directly or as a fundraiser or by being a Sponsor

o Buy a eco-friendly water bottle to support CSF’s current fundraiser

o Volunteer as an individual, through your organization or school

o Read the stories of a few of the people/families served by CSF

o Contact Cindy Carter for more information (she is an expert in this area!)

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