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Cancer, reminiscing and a farewell

Edward R. Murrow - Good night and good luck
Edward R. Murrow - Good night and good luck

While continuing the fight with my cancer and writing these informative articles for all, I have found myself reminiscing about all the things I have wanted to do, events in my life that were historic and most memorable. Thinking about my children, some now young adults, others getting there and two granddaughters that I have yet to embrace, I find that I must spend more time doing the things that are most important to me; namely, spending much more time with my family.

The countless letters that I have received thanking me for providing information that they requested, researching new therapies and treatments that are now available or on the horizon have fascinated me. Some requests were published here while most were too personal and kept between us. Some people say, “Change is good,” well we shall see.

Therefore, I bid you all farewell, livelong and remember that knowledge is power. I will continue writing but on other subject matter. Frankly, I am just exhausted writing about cancer – I just want it to disappear and this is my way of ridding some of it from my life. Godspeed to you all.